sneak peek: wanwisa posner


as an avid traveler myself, it made me smile do hear wedding and event coordinator wanwisa posner describe her home as “modern meets well-traveled eclecticism.” i love the way she and her husband have incorporated mementos from foreign places as a reminder of their travels into their daily living. “we like clean and modern lines so to calm the chaos of displaying all our photos and “souvenirs” we keep the layout simple, the number of furniture pieces low, and buy lots of pieces that are a perfect fit for living “small” in nyc.” click here for more images from wanwisa’s home and here for all of our fantastic sneak peeks! [thanks, wanwisa!] -anne

[above: Our dining space is also small so a glass top table works really well – we were able to get a larger size table that seats up to 8 but still keep the space feeling open. The focal point of this space is a collage of travel photos taken in Hawaii and Bhutan. We love to mix and match our frames – from vintage gold to sleek and modern pewter, we have all types. To keep the look clean and not cluttered looking, I bought a long thin frame self from West Elm and arranged photos along two parallel shelves. ]

Our living/seating area is really bare. We have a low profile leather couch from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, its low profile really emphasizes our high ceilings, a rare feature in NYC apartments. I like playing with textures so a Flokati shag rug was perfect and somewhat pet friendly. Because the rug is a bit casual, we bought an elegant ottoman also from Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams to make the look a little more “adult” {this is probably our first really adult apartment since we’ve been living together since we were barely 20}. Since the view is really the focal point of our apt, we bought a huge pottery barn mirror to reflect a different angle of it and to really double the expanse of what is truly an amazing Central Park view. Because we entertain but want to keep the place spacious, we purchased two faux alligator “x” ottomans that can be moved around easily to cater to various entertaining needs while adding another level of “texture” to the space.  Speaking of texture, one of my favorite home accessories has got to be my Faux Fur blanket… it has a nice dark brown stripe running though a beigey grey that works really well with our “greige” wall color {Himalayan Trek}.

We are lucky to have a pass though kitchen and it works wonderfully when we entertain. There is an opening up at the top of the pass through – a perfect spot for all of my husband’s foreign beers. We shop for a mixture of 20-somethings budget friendly pieces and mix them with higher end pieces. Our stools are from Lee’s Art and at $120 each, they are the best budget proof pieces that add a little retro vibe to our counter area.

My bedroom is painted a feather gray {a bluish and sometimes lavender gray color}. It’s such a soothing palette and I bought mother of pearl lamps to flank the bed and they really pick up the silvery and blue tones of the wall. My decorative pillows are all encased in Jim Thompson’s Thai-silk cases brought throughout various trips to Thailand to visit my retired parents.

Some of my favorite pieces in the apartment include a great find from Horchow, a one of a kind Chinese carving that is over 100 years old; I remember it being under $150! Another wonderful piece is my Mandala purchased from Bhutan during my honeymoon. We framed it here at home and I really love how lovely the rusty colored matting looks around it. Our latest budget friendly wall décor idea was to hang up a series of vintage maps we saved from old Cavallini and Co calendars. We ordered sleek silver custom cut frames from Frames USA {6 frames for under $125 with shipping and handling} to house these prints and you would never know how little it cost to put this together.


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omg!!! the view from your appartmet is glorious!!!!!!! love the maps over the bed, they are a special post :D such a great appartment!


batch two:


I so love the table runner!!


I really like the bedframe. Where did you find it?


i so love this apartment. love the tablerunners and the carving. oh my goodness, the view from your bed!!!!!!! however do you leave in the morning. i was just thinking how wonderful it would be to be alittle sick-y and have your partner wait on you and drink tea and nap and read in that bed while watching the sky turn all the colors of the day into evening. can you see me coveting here???


Oh my, I cannot get over that view!


What is the name of the blue color in your bedroom? Very soothing looking.


batch three:


Gorgeous bones and amazing view. I’m not so keen on the decor though; it looks pretty sterile. I love the carving though!


This makes my heart ache to live in NYC again… alas. I honestly think I’d be friends with this couple just based on how their apartment looks & her description. Sounds just like me & my hubby.


maps look great!


I would also love to know the name and manufacturer of your bedroom paint color. I could eat it it!


The wall color is Feather Gray by Benjamin Moore. I absolutely love it! My window faces East so in the bright morning sun, the wall is a powdery blue but by night it’s almost lavenderish-gray. The bed frame is from Room and Board and it is pretty much the only “starter” piece from college that I’ve never wanted to get rid of =)


The faux alligator ottoman is just perfect! I would love to have two of these in my family room. Where did you purchase them?


The table runner is from pottery barn and the milk carton vases – one is from CB2, one from Fish’s Eddy and one from Urban Outfitters. The faux croc X benches are produced by Two’s Company.


what is the color on the walls of your living room? is it by Benjamin Moore too?


It’s also benjamin moore and it’s Feather Gray – it’s a benjamin moore-pottery barn color and you can see it at a pottery barn store as well =)


I’m really late, but love the bedroom wall color – however, it’s listed as the same color as the living room (both Feather Gray). Which is which? Thank you!!