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sneak peek: mike perry + anna wolf

by anne

today’s final sneak peek belongs to the talented duo of mike perry and anna wolf. i first met mike and anna when we started the design by the book series (mike was one of the artists featured in the videos) and managed to sneak a peek into their incredible crown heights, brooklyn studio during filming. i was so taken with their communal office space that i wondered what their home would look like, and thankfully, they were game to share it with us. so today we’re getting a special double peek into their studio space, as well as their prospect heights home. i hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. click here for more additional, full-sized images.

This is where we spend most of our home time. We used to have our office in here and when Anna and I moved into a studio this room was a big bonus. We took our time collecting all of the elements. They came from lots of different sources. Ebay, Craigslist, DWR, the parents, friends. The three things on the wall are a by Brooklyn based artists Faile, London based Jim Stoten, and a college of Anna’s family from the early 80’s. The E is from a job I did a few years back for Saatchi and Saatchi. You will see more of these later in the studio.

We try not to spend to much time in this room but when we do its cozy. The pillow is something I did for Urban Outfitters. As you will see as you continue through the photos we have way to many book and magazines.

More books and things…. Plate by James Victore. There is a picture on my dad taped up to some Brooklyn weed I found on the street. The baggie is printed with marijuana leaves just so you know for sure what it is.

Opposite the couch is the TV which we tried to make as invisible as possible. The type print is from an old newspaper cut and paste book we got in Colorado. The two center pieces are thrift store finds and the third is a napkin drawing from our studio mate Jim Datz.

This is our bedroom. The print by Faile. The Little green toy guy and print by Brooklyn based Garrett Morin.

Dining room: This was a key piece to our apartment. Looking at these photos it may make our apartment look bigger then it is but it is still very small about 500 sq feet. When I saw this table Anna was convinced that there was no way it would fit in the space. But living in a small space gives you good problem solving skills and I made it work. Painting by Brooklyn based artist Naomi Reis.

CLICK HERE to see the rest of Mike and Anna’s Home- and their Crown Heights studio after the jump!


Anna and I moved into this space a little over a year ago. The building is pretty special. It is owned by the lovely couple Susan Boyle and Benton Brown or Big Sue Inc. It is a green building with a 4000 sq ft green roof and 40KW solar array. We share the space with Designer illustrator Jim Datz. On the back wall a print of mine available at 20 x 200, another piece by faile, and screen prints by brooklyn based Damien Correll and Justin Fines.

The rest of those letters from the Saatchi project. Some new work that I am working on and our inspiration / random doodles wall. Including a big xerox of one of Anna’s photos.

Two boards by ??? for Chocolate Boards and Justin Fines for Zoo York and Mike’s desk.

I love colored paper! and Anna’s desk.

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