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sneak peek: lisa wong jackson

by anne

when we got sight of lisa wong jackson‘s home during her in the kitchen with recipe (individual fig, blackberry and pear crips – yum!), we knew we had to see more! today the designer behind good on paper design, opens up the doors to her berkeley, california home she shares with her husband and boston terrier, pixel. don’t forget to click here for the full peek of lisa’s home, or click “read more” below. and if that’s not enough, there are additional images here, and as always, you can find all of our sneak peeks right here[thanks a million, lisa!]anne

[above: My husband and I moved into our Cliff May—designed, mid-century modern house about 4 months ago. The house is located in North Berkeley near Tilden Park, and we love being surrounded by the trees, trails, and fresh air. It’s about a 10 minute drive to cute stores and restaurants in Berkeley’s Solano Avenue neighborhood. We were especially drawn to the house by its abundant windows, natural light, and open floor plan. The house needed several repairs and improvements when we purchased it, most of which have been completed, but there is still a bit of work to be done (particularly landscaping). My husband Nick loves gettings his hands dirty in the backyard and has been diligently demolishing and replacing retaining walls, moving dirt, and building doggie gates for our Boston Terrier, Pixel. We can’t wait to have a garden so we can put our compost to use. We recently had a concrete staircase and ipe wood handrail designed and constructed by landscape architecture firm 5 Elements Design. When we purchased the house, the front walkway was essentially a bare hillside, with a few wooden planks for steps. We’re looking forward to planting some native grasses and drought-resistant plants to accent the new walkway.]

Natural light enters the house in almost every room, but it’s especially nice in this corner, where we like to relax and read. Everyone tends to fall asleep in the blue chair, including Pixel. The print on the left is by The Small Stakes and the print on the right is by Cody Hudson. My favorite chair in the house is the NY Chair, designed by Takeshi Nii. It’s a cozy rocking chair with an added, practical feature of folding down to 5 inches in width..

This is a view of our couch and entryway, where I literally drop everything the minute I get home. (As you can see, Pixel is a camera hog). The pillows are by Hable Construction, Sharon Spain, and Area. The blanket is by bombdesign.

Our wedding photos are displayed in the front entrance of the house. The frames were purchased at Aaron Brothers, which has an annual “buy one frame, get the second for a penny” sale, so I stocked up. One of my favorite art pieces in the house is the stuffed “Pixel,” designed by Sian Keegan using vintage and recycled fabrics. We keep our loose change in the little red “owl-y bank.”

I love the dining area. Guests can sit here and enjoy the view of San Francisco or chat with me while I’m cooking. It’s an open, inviting space that is great for entertaining. The dining table is from Crate and Barrel, the end chairs are from Room and Board, and the Leaf Chairs are by Arper. The shelves are Lack from Ikea. The print on the left is by Wayne Pate and the print on the right is by Suzanne Lagasa.

CLICK HERE for more pictures of lisa’s home…

For the bedroom, I try to use neutral tones for a serene, relaxing atmosphere. The white picture frames above the bed (also purchased at the Aaron Brothers annual sale) display photographs of our family, close friends, my brother and I as kids, our favorite dogs, and my parents when they were young.

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  • so jealous. a belated congrats to the purchase of this wonderful house. they are too cute. i remember the story of how they met.

  • Oh, I love this home. So light and airy and personal. I love the furniture – the chairs, the bowl-like side table and the lamp in front of the wedding photos especially! I am going to look for a similar throw blanket right now! Thank you for sharing.

  • It’s so bright and it feels so airy and it looks clean. I love the couch.
    Their home has a nice loft-ish floor plan. I love it!

  • absolutely LOVE it! modern, but so warm at the same time – a place you really want to hang out.

    love the soft color palette mixed with bold black and white too. perfect.

  • Where’d they find that sweet, stuffed Boston terrier? (Until I can get a live one…)

  • lisa…is that blue chair the one from room and board? ii is on my short list, but i was wondering if it offers enough head support for relaxing/reading/snoozing?

    thanks….beautiful home!

  • Oh, your home is dreamy. I love everything, including the beau in the Cody’s t-shirt.

    like my trampoline above , I’m curious: where is the blue chair from?

    Thanks for sharing…

  • Heavy sigh…I love their house! Sitting in my putty colored cubicle in Nashville TN, looking at this post I am missing CA.

  • I love the display of photos in the entry way and in the bedroom. I am glad to see that they have wedding photos on display right when you come in — so many design shows and mags say that personal photos shouldn’t be prominent in common areas of the house, but I totally disagree!

  • Beautiful! I used to go running in the Berkeley hills and dream about living in one of the houses there. Looks like the interiors of the houses are dreamy too!

  • This sneak peek is a sunny spot in my monday! Thank you! I love everything about it. I’m especially head-over-heels about the couch. Where is it from?

  • The house is gorgeous and looks so comfortable. I love that combination. I also love the couch. Where is it from?

  • does anyone know where the light is from that’s hanging over the dining room table? I’ve been searching for one just like that..

  • Great sneak peeks today. and great home. So cool and modern without being too magazine-y. An actual home where people live…so very nice.

  • I grew up in berkeley, too, and haven’t grown out of my love for contemporary architecture. I think it’s funny how a lot of people equate “modern” with “sterile, but quite obviously you can have a gorgeous modern house with a very personalized, homey feel. Thanks for sharing with us! Can I have first dibs when you want to sell?

  • love this place. my only complaint is that I think the pictures are hung a bit too high. altho I think eveyone hangs pictures too high!

  • I hope it’s OK to post this – I think I found the couch (yay) at Crate & Barrel. The name of the couch is Petrie.

  • What a beautiful home! Her graphic design work is gorgeous too. I would love to hear about how she ended up going into business for herself.

  • lisa’s house is so beautiful! i’m lucky to have stayed there overnight and with that cuddly munchkin of a dog by my side. pixel is awesome! ;)

  • Yum. I like the cupcake poster.

    Congrats and nice job on your home. Atlanta has a long way to go on mid-century modern. Everyone seems to prefer, how-shall-i-put-it, Restoration Hardware 2nd french empire historicism. Just look at Atlanta Home Magazine and you’ll know what I mean.

  • Love the tour! Please show us the garden when it’s done!
    I’ve been dying for that little side tray table in the living room. The one in front of the West Elm floor lamp (which I have already!) Can anyone remember the name of it? We have such similar taste!

  • Thanks so much for doing a Sneak Peek of my house, Grace and Anne! And thanks for all the sweet words. Christa – the green chairs are the Leaf Chairs by Arper and I got them at one of my favorite stores in Berkeley, Lola Home. Amanda – Don’t you just love that stuffed Boston!? It’s from Sian Keegan (www.siankeegan.com). So lovely and talented. My Trampoline/Erica – The blue velvet chair is from Room and Board. I know what you mean about the head support but I personally use a pillow behind my head and I’m a bit of a sloucher so it works for me. Good luck! Anna – the pendant lamp which I also love actually came with the house. I can try to find out the designer for you if you want to email me. Kimberly/Becky – The couch is from Crate and Barrel, the famous Petrie couch. It’s nice and firm with a little give which makes it super comfortable.

  • anyone have any suggestions as to where i can find a similar (and affordable) low/wide bookshelf that sits in their reading nook?!

  • Oh!!! I have that same rocker but in black rather than red! I got it for a few bucks at a MCM store. The owner didn’t know the source but I scoured the internet for hours trying to narrow it down. I never did find the exact maker until now…thank you! I need mine recovered (the fabric is ripped) and the arms are quite worn. But the frame is in perfect condition. I wish the rest of it was as pretty as yours, it’s such a comfy chair!

    I love that you have a MCM taste but didn’t go overboard with it- sometimes it can look so cold, but you guys did a really great job.

  • lisa do you have a blog? about your business, your house, your dog!!?
    I, too am wondering about your bed, is it from Crate and Barrel and the credenza where you enter the house?
    thank you for letting us all in for the peek-it was so welcoming! jw

  • are pear “crips” like blood oranges? Kidding. Love the sneak peek. Really lovely home.

  • What a warm, welcoming, stylish home. Love love love it! And I love your adorable little dog too!

  • Love everything. Every little bit of it. But where are gray couch and blue chair from? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • LOVE IT! Lisa, I worked with Paper Monkey on my wedding invites and I just drooled over your work when I was planning my wedding! Your home is gorgeous! I hope I run into you someday around the neighborhood.. My husband and I live in Rockridge. =D

  • amazing! this is my dream home! its modern but comfortable and casual and so much light!

  • Elisabeth/JW – the bed is the Malm bed from Ikea! It’s really affordable. I love that it’s low. The color is Oak Veneer I believe. The credenza is the Sussex credenza from Design Within Reach. I got a really great deal on it at the DWR Warehouse Sale because it was broken on the side but my husband was able to fix it. It’s also secretly crooked. Essoakland – yes! I totally forgot to mention that the cute smaller rectangular pillow is from Lena Corwin. Love her stuff and still have to get her book. Kathryn/Winnie – the side table is the Tablo table from Design House Stockholm. Becky – the low bookshelf is from Ikea too! I forget the name of it but it came in a whitewash and an unfinished wood which I thought I would like more, but my husband convinced me the whitewash would look good so we went for it.

  • Beautiful home Lisa, what a treat to live in a Cliff May! I’ve been looking for that tray table by the blue chair for AGES! Where did you pick that up?

  • What a beautiful home, Lisa! I’m a big fan of your work, and it’s such a treat to read about your home. Thanks D*S!

  • I have that Room & Board chair, the tray table next to it, the Camilla Engman print, Nelson bench, and covet the DWR side table! I’d say we have very similar taste, and I love how it all works together in your home. Lovely inspiration for mine, which is much less put together.

  • Same as Erin ~ I bought the rocking chair in London and brought it all the way over to NZ with me, not knowing exactly who designed it, but simply loving it. So very comfy. And I smile every time I look at it. AT made mention a couple of months ago, too ….
    http://snurl.com/b7voc [www_apartmenttherapy_com]

    Thanks for the tour!!!

  • What a beautiful home! Light, stylish and cosy. I also think that the pictures are hung a bit too high. When you do that you lower the ceiling height visually. Most people would like the opposite effect. Cute Bostonterrier! ♥



  • I’m always jealous of spaces that enhance the daylight. In Seattle, where I live, that is impossible for 10 months of the year. Since we don’t have daylight access, see. I guess we could enhance the rain. It’s a design challenge that we Pacific Northwesterners need to take on. But, SAD prevents me from doing that. Also…your home is supergorgeous and everything but OMG your BT!!! And his little white face, it is melting my heart!

  • Just wondering – how do you keep your house warm without any window coverings. I too like the curtainless windows – but right now I’m freezing! or racking up the heating bill. Any suggestions?

  • You have a beautiful house! It’s light, fresh and warm. Thank you for charing this with me. Can you please tell me what’s hanging above your bedside table? I don’t know if it’s a print or a painting.

  • I also love the print/painting in the black frame hanging above the bedside table! Who is the artist? A lovely home, thanks for sharing.

  • i love it when white homes are so homey, it looks so pretty! and i have the same duvet cover :)