sneak peek: faythe levine


between being a crafter, in a band, running a shop, organizing an indie craft fair, co-authoring a book, and now being a documentary film maker, there isn’t much that faythe levine doesn’t do. she’s been on the road a lot filming and now promoting handmade nation, so i’m sure there’s one place she’d love to be right now: home. so today’s  sneak peek takes us into faythe’s home in milwaukee, wisconsin. click here to view the entire set, and click here for our interview with faythe and cortney! [thanks, faythe!] -anne


Gosh — this makes me feel a little heartsick for Milwaukee. When I lived there, I used to frequent the Paper Boat Boutique and always thought Faythe was the coolest. Awesome to get a peek into her home!

Caitlin Keegan

One of my favorites. I’ve really enjoyed this week’s in particular. If you’re not already- you should put together a book of these sneak peeks.

Brenda B

I think it’s a little cluttery and makes me have anxiety….but probably fits her style!


I understand their creativity and originality and I think it totally goes with her, but is not my type of place.


Hey, Faythe, I hope you’re reading this! If you are, and if you know, would you please tell me the color paint on your front door? It looks just like the colors all over the buildings of Jodhpur. I’ve been wanting to paint some part of my house with that color but can never find a tint that is quite right…

Crafty Mama

Oh! It’s so bohemian and yet so chic. I would love to knit while listening to the guitar in that living room ^_^


I love the eclectic look and the house itself has a rambling look. I envy the built in shelves, I wish I had them in my house to put up interesting things. I can see how you can artistically arrange clutter.


So nice to see a studio that actually looks like some crafting goes on in there, unlike most of the overly styled photos floating around the web! Gorgeous.

Emma på 50 danska kvadrat

This place makes me a little nervous like my body is itching, hard to say why, but I think I would have trouble relaxing there. It looks very creative and fun, but it’s not my type of place.


hmmm… I love the pop of color but there’s way too much art on display for my liking.


I love all the colors and especially the crocheted (or are they knitted?) afghans. I want to live here!


It’s a quirky place and I love it. If you can’t appreciate her space and your own home is a sterile environment…you’re not an artist. How unfortunate for you.


i luv the small chair collection! I’m so into chairs right now.


The miniature chairs made me smile. A lot of great elements in this home


I like that you collect and display the things that make you smile. You have a fun place.


It made me smile to see Milwaukee architecture here. So many Milwaukee apartments look like this – old, big, airy, loads of original woodwork, pillars… Loads of places to display things. Such a fun place. Thanks for giving Milwaukee a lil love. :)


This place is a little too cluttered for my liking. I like the colors, but it’s a bit too shabby and the colorful elements are too tiny and too…much.