sneak peek: farmer’s market (iceland)


farmers market is an icelandic design company, founded in 2005 by designer bergthora gudnadottir and musician joel palsson (check out their feature in the regional roundup: iceland). their work utilizes the unique icelandic wool, and other raw natural materials to create a line of multifunctional clothing and accessories, practical for all aspects of life. the line draws from their own icelandic heritage where and the style has been described as revitalized icelandic traditional design, combining nordic design elements with chic modernity in lightweight apparel. today’s sneak peek gives us a special look into their icelandic style (more images here). if you’re in new york, be sure to check out their work at the concept shop, kisan. [thanks, bergthora!] -anne

[above: Farmers Market kitchen/conference room.  Pictures on the wall show an example of our knitwear collection. . . We love to mix the old and new, traditional and modern, to blend things with history with modern designs.  We draw a lot of influence in design and music from our country’s history, knowledge and craftsmanship and a lot of inspiration comes from the activities of our own families in the past.  A lot of things in our design/music studio/boutique are from our grandparents and relatives mixed with our own stuff, mostly that we find in our studio’s neighborhood (the Reykjavik harbor area).]

Farmers Market kitchen. The wonderful golden/navy porcelaine cups are a wedding present that we love and use every day. Chandeliers are from our grandparents.

Design studio.   The pictures on the wall are made by one of our favorite artists and a good friend Katrin Elvarsdóttir. The tree in the old milk container is my mothers Christmas tree this year .  She took an Asp branch from her garden and sprayed it with a golden metal paint,  and decorated it with Christmas stuff.  Then when she put it in water the leaves started to grow again and I’m going to try to keep it alive….with the golden paint. I love it and the smell of it is just wonderful and filling the room with nature.

This is our Farmers Market Boutique counter  that I made from found objects.

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Our Boutique Chef  “Ludi” the ram,  keeping an eye on our business.  We got this one from an Icelandic farmer. A unique piece – even for Iceland, just check out the colors. Our Boutiques CD display, Joel’s CD’s and some of our friends’ music. Same person provided the ski’s and the suitcase – Joel’s grandfather (97 yrs).

Boutique display detail.  Rubber shoes – a typical outfit for Icelandic farm workers (and for sale at our boutique).


What’s that under the pictures in the kitchen? It looks old but what was it used for?
Can you also tell me what brand the rubber shoes are? I have a very wet garden so the rubber boots and shoes could come in handy.

Helen Baker

I loved the story about your Moms
Christmas tree and how it grew more leaves. I wonder how it’s doing.

Kim Katriina

The best, coolest spot AND also the hottest spot on the planet Earth!

Love this place!