sneak peek: darling clementine


when i first emailed tonje holand of the stationery line darling clementine little did i know what a great home she had – in fact so awesome that it was recently featured in the sunday supplement of norway’s national newspaper. luckily tonje and photographer nina ruud/dagbladet were willing to share the images with us. you can visit the darling clementine shop on etsy right here, and click here for many more images of tonje’s home. [thanks, tonje and nina!] -anne

[above: My Livingroom! Most of my stuff is bought at fleamarkets, except picture by Kim Hiorthøy, CherryBlossom lights from Graham and Greene, and Muffin by Ask Muffins.]

Lamp and original print from fleamarket.

My sewing machine that I bought in a secondhand shop in Angel in London and had to carry all the way home,- it weighs about 20 kilos! My Grandmother’s old sewing table and picture by Gerhard Richter.

My kitchen table!

CLICK HERE for the rest of Tonje’s house tour…

Secondhand pencil box from Greenwich market in London, lamp by Åhlens, an our “Meet Monsieur Masquerade” Cards in lovely Sukie box.

My Tivoli radio with vintage deer figurine.

Ask Muffin and our “Haberdashery” cards.

Wallpaper from Deborah Bowness


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this is a very inspiring apartment, especially the kitchen. I love the white and the light blue-grey colors, a perfect blank canvas for all hers colorful accessoiries.


Absolutely love the kitchen, with all those little teacups! If only I could ever be so decisive in the design of my own decor!


batch three:


Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing! Lots of inspiration here. :)


wow she has one of my many dream homes! i love the use of bright color and mismatched style. love it!


wow I am so in love with her style, such an inspiration!!


The first image I saw I thought, oh good, something “Norwegianesque” (the walls) so I can really get some inspiration. Turns out I was right!


So are those awesome wood walls just wallpaper? Because if so that is AWESOME because it looks so real. I would love to have that!


I really like the bedframe. Where did you find it?

kate Endle

What a great space! So much sparkle. Had to visit darling clementine’s site next and discovered their charming camping cards- LOVE them. So fun searching Tonje’s home for the decorative accents that inspire the art. Never get tired of that game!


batch five:

Emily Harris:

Absolutely charming. Great sense of style. Effortless synthesis of pieces. Definitely THIS renter’s ideal. :)


I’m sure this home is just lovely.. but I can’t get past the ADORABLE blue top (tunic?) in the first image… serious fashion envy there…

I am in love with her home, and her! She’s so cute. This is what I want my home to look like when I finally get it.

Heather Carr

One of the cutest homes, I’ve seen in a long time!


bright, fresh and pretty. what fun. :)


i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything that more closely resembles my ideal space! WOW! amazing colours, amazing pieces, wow wow wow!


batch two:

nina b:

I thought I had a problem with all of the teacups I’ve collected, but after seeing this amazing place, I’m keeping them and plan to display them with pride!


what a fun, welcoming home!! I absolutely love it. I want to live in it. What great pops of color. bookmarking this one.




this place has much spirit! i love it.


I love that there’s a splash of color everywhere you look!


Cool to see you here girls! Tonje, Oslo

Jen Singh

The bright red items in each image are so artfully placed and exciting! What a beautiful space to live.


batch four:


perfect use of color and white. so happy.

Sugared Harpy

That picture by Richter is a print of a painting by him, called “Betty.”

The original painting is in the St. Louis Art Museum in St. Louis, MO (I used to work there :) It’s a GORGEOUS painting, capturing a beautifully colored photo-realistic painting of the artist’s daughter. The painting has always been a favorite of mine, and I’m lucky to get to view it in person so easily. How lovely to see it in your beautiful home! Thank you for sharing!

A larger image can be found here, upon clicking the image:


Lots of personality and warmth. You can see when some one loves their home. Nice, very nice.


I love the artwork on the walls–can you tell me about the poster in the kitchen? And the monkey piece in the living room?


these photos are so edited! I appreciate that she wants her home to look beautiful (and it is!) but the hard sell is unnecessay. less airbrushing, less slick, please.


that marvelous kitchen is a solid reminder that i should be collecting food canisters from other countries. “kaffe” and “riis” just sound so much more carmen sandiego.


This is such an inspiring look into the personality of a designer. I really enjoyed these images – especially the kitchen (what is it about kitchens we all love so much?!) I am very inspired!


eeehhHHH! i need that blue dress! too cute, too cute…where can i find it?


for et flott hus du har !!! elsker det !! ser ikke ut som et vanligt norsk hus i alle fall

Tonje Holand

Thanks for all nice comments!!
I’ll try to answer some of the questions: My top is from all-time favorite Topshop! Pillows from fleamarket and the walls are wood and not wallpaper:) Margo, sorry you didn’t like the photo’s,- I didn’t work on them, they were taken by a photographer and published in the supplement of the newspapers. I can’t really edit her work:)
Poster in the kitchen is from Yokoland ( and the monkey photo by Norwegian Illustrator Kim Hiorthøy.. Bedframe from IKEA.


I love your cherry blossom lights, does anyone know where to get them in the States?l

Jojo Yeung

I totally love the color and the style of her apartment. And I adore her graphic design too.

Miss Dollface

Oh my goodness! Amazing. I love the pairing of bold colors and wood paneling. Ohhh, it’s so adorable, I can’t contain myself. I’m in awe.


lovely to see norwegian designers highlighted… now I know what I can tell my sister (in school in Skjeberg) to bring back from Oslo… some DC products!


Your house makes my dreams come true, literally! I love everything – the bold color, the pop style – I adore the kitchen! And of course, your beautiful artwork :) Such an inspiration, thanks for posting this.

nien dhita

Beautiful Home, so comfortable …thanks for inspiring me …cheers


Love the style of your home where did you get the lovely wall cabinet in your kitchen with all the mugs hanging on I love it, I realise this post was a long time ago.