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sneak peek: darling clementine

by anne

when i first emailed tonje holand of the stationery line darling clementine little did i know what a great home she had – in fact so awesome that it was recently featured in the sunday supplement of norway’s national newspaper. luckily tonje and photographer nina ruud/dagbladet were willing to share the images with us. you can visit the darling clementine shop on etsy right here, and click here for many more images of tonje’s home. [thanks, tonje and nina!] anne

[above: My Livingroom! Most of my stuff is bought at fleamarkets, except picture by Kim Hiorthøy, CherryBlossom lights from Graham and Greene, and Muffin by Ask Muffins.]

Lamp and original print from fleamarket.

My sewing machine that I bought in a secondhand shop in Angel in London and had to carry all the way home,- it weighs about 20 kilos! My Grandmother’s old sewing table and picture by Gerhard Richter.

My kitchen table!

CLICK HERE for the rest of Tonje’s house tour…

Secondhand pencil box from Greenwich market in London, lamp by Åhlens, an our “Meet Monsieur Masquerade” Cards in lovely Sukie box.

My Tivoli radio with vintage deer figurine.

Ask Muffin and our “Haberdashery” cards.

Wallpaper from Deborah Bowness

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