sneak peek: cortney heimerl


today we’re excited to bring you a triple dose handmade nation special. in addition to this morning’s great interview with faythe levine and cortney heimerl- two of the key women behind this much anticipated documentary about the community of creators- we’ve been lucky enough to get sneak peeks into both women’s milwaukee homes. cortney joined the team as assistant producer and co-other of the accompanying book, handmade nation: the rise of diy art, craft and design. enjoy a look inside her handmade-friendly home (click here for more images)! [thanks, cortney!] -anne

[above: Living room with: Yeti by Owly Shadow Puppets, a slab of cedar (the tree recently fell on my great uncle’s farm. It grew from the seeds that were brought over when my family emigrated from England. Now it’s just a tree slab.), a flying bird carrying a house by Faythe Levine, weird vintage federal eagle crest love seat and vintage quilt.]

My bedroom with quilt I made.

When my roommate and I moved in, we actually painted the kitchen twice. We cringed all the way through the first color and finally decided to start over. Vintage table my parents found in Portage, WI.

Pony Island flag, bronze sculpture by Kevin Morrow, goat fur taxidermy (this one is a water buffalo) and Embroidery/painting by Steve MacDonald, aka: The Ramblin’ Worker.

Studio set up with creepy doll photo by Robert Gully, print by Xander Marro (top), watercolor painting by Leif Goldberg & Erin Rosenthal, bird painting by Kim Weiss. and aquilt that I swear I am going to finish someday.

This is what I stare at when working. It is always changing:a few of my besties on my birthday, a diamond patch by the talented Madam Chino, vintage postcards from Portage, Wisconsin (where I grew up), and Kate Bingaman-Burt glasses print.

Rosie Endres

Just wondering if the leg has ever fallen off that vintage table? Oh the memories!!!!


love the tour. love the quilt – i’m a new sew-er and i love seeing what other people have made (gives me hope!) AND i have that same kate glasses print :)


Wow–amazing saturation of color all the way through the space! I like the kitchen best.


Do I spy extra insulation on your dining room windows? Hurray for plastic on windows!!!! (we spent new years eve putting some up in our apt in mich)

Great, lovely, warm wonderful home.

Thanks for sharing.

Kyle - In nomans land

Miss Watt really sets off the couch. Love that plank in your living room. Looks like a really old cedar – tying nature into the beast of design.


Interesting place they have, I saw a mention of Portage, WI. I grew up there but got the heck outa there ASAP that town is rank. For the love of God stay away form Ptown! LOL


love your quilt cortney! i just love everything handmade, i just made my own hand made queen size yoyo quilt…..