sneak peek: alex eben meyer


it’s been awhile since we posted the mini-trend about letters and numbers, but the greenpoint, brooklyn home of illustrator alex eben meyer and his girlfriend anna, has reignited my love of type in the home. i’m also loving their use of color – specifically red and yellow – that is coordinated and cohesive, while not being too matchy-matchy. alex’s peek continues after the jump below, so click here for the full peek or just click “read more” below. click here for the full-sized set, and here for all our wonderful sneak peeks. stay tuned because there are two more to come!!! [thanks, alex!] -anne

[above: Our living room. We like to keep things pretty simple, but use lots of bright colors. Alex did the prints in college, while studying abroad in Chile. The shapes are based on bus doors in Santiago. Anna made the pillows and the ripple blanket. The lamp is from our favorite antique store in Anna’s hometown of Lubbock, TX. ]

This is our living room. We live on the top floor, so we get a lot of natural light. The Marimekko tree print covers a big ugly air conditioner.

The camera print is by Rod Hunting, we got it from the Coudal Partners Swap Meat.

We like that our living and dining areas are one open space. Our apartment is a railroad, so the lack of walls between rooms allows the middle of the apartment to get natural light. Anna works in publishing, so we lined one wall of our dining area with bookshelves to hold all of our many books.

CLICK HERE for more photos of alex’s home, after the jump below…

Looking from our living room into the kitchen. We got the traditional leather club chair to balance the rest of the more modern furniture. The cabinet is a craigslist find. We like monkey-themed things so we framed sock monkey photos from the book Sock Monkeys: 200 out of 1,863 by Arne Svenson and Ron Warren.

This is Anna’s workspace, with her sewing machine and computer. Alex has a studio for his illustration nearby in Greenpoint.

We’re not sure what the little case was originally meant to hold, but Anna uses it to store jewelry. The cat picture and the type tray were flea market finds.

We bought the print from Jason Munn/The Small Stakes at SXSW a few years ago. The chair is vintage Saarinen from Two Jakes in Williamsburg. . . Alex made the screen print of the car and a friend of ours made the frame out of steel cables, bolts, and washers.


Beautiful colors – cheery, modern, and cozy.

And so many great flea market finds! Love the camera print. And the lamp – I have the exact same one from an antique store in Texas!


Charming and flavorful. I can’t help but think that the dining room set-up would be less than functional, tho – looks like the table would come up to your shoulders!


thanks for sharing photos and information about your home. it is all charming, but if i had to choose, i’d say i love the colors and the art most of all. :)

diana: i think i’ve seen that yellow rolling cart with drawers at ikea – and in a choice of colors.



i meant no offense by choosing just the colors and the art of your home – because i also love the layout and the green sofa (always a fave for me) and the light and ….

what i meant to add was that i wouldn’t want to have to choose, because it is all lovely, but if i had to …


Love, love, love all of your art, especially the little typographic tidbits. Your place looks really clean and streamlined, with a bit of funky personality thrown in! It’s awesome!


the ampersand pillow on the bed is soo romantic, especially for those of us who prefer fantastic typography to candles rose petals. brilliant!


I go to school in Lubbock, and I was wondering what Anna’s favorite antique store here is?


I also have the Rod Hunting camera print AND I can’t find a frame to fit it either! So many of us with that problem! And, custom printing is so expensive.

Please chime in if you find a cheap solution. I was considering going with a pine frame from here:


I love the use a lot of black and white art work, letting the accessories and linens be the pops of color in the space – really nice!

alex eben meyer

thanks for your comments, everyone.

to answer a few of the questions, the yellow drawers are from ikea. the couch is room & board. the frame for the rod hunting camera print is custom, from our favorite antique store in lubbock is As Time Goes By (they have lots of mid-century modern stuff). anna made the ampersand pillow.


The box you are using as a jewelry box was originally made to store slides…I bought five of them on eBay to store bakelite buttons. They all had slides of old family vacations still in them.


When I lived there I used to go to As Time Goes By in Lubbock too. What a great place, love this sneak peak!


I love love love that adorable coffee table in your living room. Where did Anne get her workspace table?


I love your home. Simple, cozy and stylish. I have been searching for a low profile TV stand like yours. Where is it from? Thanks!


I love the colour scheme!! and i love the green sidetable. where is it from?


Whata cute space! Love the colour of that couch, love all of the white walls,as i am a renter, unable to paint so it’s inspiring to see how colourful furniture and knick-knacks can bring a room together without ever having to paint the walls… the random little case anna stores jewelry (in front of the lovely type tray) i beleive is an old case to hold slides…? chanced by one years ago at a thrift store…. little compartments in side the drawers… so cute… makes me wish i hadn’t walked away from the one i saw !


By the way the shelf in the background could be used for knick-knacks of sorts

Belle Chen

I love all your pillows! Your house is very homey. I feel so warm just by looking at the picture. Thx for sharing a nice experience :-)

Dana L

love the look of this place! especially love the coffee table. where is it from?


Love the brown rones of the interiors and love the custom alphabet furnishings.


Great living room, I love the use of color.


I know what the little case was used for. I have one myself, and it is used to store slides, for a slide projector.

Catherine Schmitt Brookes

So weird, I read your blog fairly regularly and suddenly there was Alex Meyer! I went to school with him at Wash U. Hi Alex! What a lovely home you have!