lacey floors and lots of red

it looks like we’re keeping the valentine’s day love going this morning with lots of red and a big dose of lace. the red comes courtesy of this week’s guest blogger, abbey nova, who has posted an incredible roundup of red interiors and red accessories over at the d*s guest blog. click here to check them out.

also, emily at wide open spaces sent over this beautiful lace stenciled floor, from a guest house that belongs to the editor of my marrakesh. divine. click here for more info.


very cute. i did this once with vinyl lace table runners i got at the 99 cent store as a stencil. my entryway was matte red, but needed dimension. i started halfway up the wall and spray painted clear glossy. it was awesome!


Does anyone know what kind of flooring this was done on? Was it done on wood flooring?
I wonder if I wanted to do this on a bathroom floor, what kind of raw material should I have on the floor?



i could be wrong, but they look like concrete or some sort of smooth stone finish.



Absoletely divine! I want the lace stencil but can’t make contacct with the company. Emails not goiing through. I am south african and willing to pay please help.