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diy wendesdays: personalized pendleton

by Grace Bonney

it’s the dead of winter, which means on chilly nights we rely on our collection of vintage pendleton blankets to keep us warm and cozy. with valentine’s day right around the corner, we thought we’d personalize one of our throws with a heart-warming message. we did a sort of “textile tattoo” using needle felting, which is a super easy, super affordable craft. it requires very few tools and is very versatile—in addition to simple surface designs, you can create complex and beautiful 3-D pieces as well.

stay warm!
derek & lauren

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions, or just click “read more” below.

here’s what you’ll need:
wool blanket
wool roving [like this]
felting needle [like this]
sponge or folded towel (for placing beneath your felting surface)

1. determine where you want to place the design on your blanket and snip off a few strands of loose wool roving to lay out the pattern or design before you begin to felt.

2. lay your blanket over a sponge or folded roving and very carefully begin attaching the strands of wool roving using your felting needle. felting needles are barbed and will push the fibers into your blanket with each downward stabbing motion. feel free to let your aggressions out, but be super careful not to poke your fingers!!

3. lift up your blanket from the protective surface (sponge or towel) every so often to prevent attaching the blanket to the surface. once the design is securely fastened, you will be able to see a little bit of the wool roving peeking through the back side of the blanket.

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