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diy wednesdays: valentine kit

by Grace Bonney

we’re big fans of holidays and we’re big fans of love, but a holiday about love can be stressful. in years past, we’ve certainly knocked ourselves out with fancy dinners and expensive gifts in an attempt to make sure the 14th would be perfect, romantic, and unforgettable. but after all these years together (today is our 15 year anniversary!) we’ve learned that simplicity, sincerity, and a few thoughtful little touches are what makes valentine’s day (or any day for that matter) special. here’s a box full of ways to create an inexpensive and intimate evening for you and your loved one.

happy valentine’s day!
derek & lauren

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here’s what you’ll need:
cardboard box
small piece of red felt
fabric or tablecloth
mix cd
wood grain contact paper
bottle of wine, glasses
hostess cupcakes
tissue paper
floral wire
floral tape
tealights with holders (we used 2 mini tart pans)

1. you can customize your box however you please. we cut out a heart out of red felt and applied it with double-sided tape, and tied up the whole thing with a piece of 1” wide white satin ribbon.

2. fill the box with some items for a simple romantic evening at home. a mix cd, a bottle of wine (we created our own label with wood grain con-tact paper), some candles, a mini-bouquet made of tissue paper flowers and some hostess cupcakes (repackaged in a clear cello bag with red ribbon) were the perfect combination. the red and white gingham tablecloth for our living room picnic doubles as a liner for the box.

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