diy wednesdays: valentine kit

we’re big fans of holidays and we’re big fans of love, but a holiday about love can be stressful. in years past, we’ve certainly knocked ourselves out with fancy dinners and expensive gifts in an attempt to make sure the 14th would be perfect, romantic, and unforgettable. but after all these years together (today is our 15 year anniversary!) we’ve learned that simplicity, sincerity, and a few thoughtful little touches are what makes valentine’s day (or any day for that matter) special. here’s a box full of ways to create an inexpensive and intimate evening for you and your loved one.

happy valentine’s day!
derek & lauren

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions and more images…

here’s what you’ll need:
cardboard box
small piece of red felt
fabric or tablecloth
mix cd
wood grain contact paper
bottle of wine, glasses
hostess cupcakes
tissue paper
floral wire
floral tape
tealights with holders (we used 2 mini tart pans)

1. you can customize your box however you please. we cut out a heart out of red felt and applied it with double-sided tape, and tied up the whole thing with a piece of 1” wide white satin ribbon.

2. fill the box with some items for a simple romantic evening at home. a mix cd, a bottle of wine (we created our own label with wood grain con-tact paper), some candles, a mini-bouquet made of tissue paper flowers and some hostess cupcakes (repackaged in a clear cello bag with red ribbon) were the perfect combination. the red and white gingham tablecloth for our living room picnic doubles as a liner for the box.


This is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It almost makes me want to have a Valentine. But that seems like much too much effort, hahaha.


This is my favorite Valentine’s Day project yet! If I was living close to my boyfriend, I would totally do this. Love it.


i agree on the simple touches vs. extravagance. my husband and i once did one of those “romantic dinner packages” from a restaurant. it wasn’t for me. i ended up feeling so creeped out by everyone else in the restaurant oogling each other. we keep it simple (& cheaper) now with handmade cards cooking dinner together etc. congrats on 15 years!


i LOVE this! this is the cutest thing ever, and right up my alley. hostess cupcakes and wine. super cute idea and congrats on 15 big ones!


This is definitely my kind of Valentine’s celebration. Simple, just the two of you, and chocolate. Perfection!

I spent one V-day eating in a restaurant and it felt so creepy and unoriginal that I’l never do it again!


Congrats on 15 yrs! Im in love with the faux bois table cloth! Where can you purchase them at?


Did you also cover the CD with contact paper? I like this idea! I’ve seen wood grain contact paper in my neighborhood hardware store.


Are those Hostess cupcakes? I haven’t seen those since my wedding day 25 years ago when I gave one to my mom as consolation for the fact my ex and I (who were paying for our own wedding) decided to not get a cake and instead have chocolate mousee (I’ve never been a fan of wedding cake). She was horrified by our choice.

Anyway, we found a little bride and groom topper,
put it on the cupcake and presented it to her as a joke.

She got the last word, though. A year later, on our first anniversary, I came home to a package on the front porch. In it, a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers and one foil-wrapped smooshed year-old cupcake.

Amanda Choy

oh my. This is just what i need, great inspiration, big idea, simple execution. Thank you so much.

P.s: I’m designsponge’s No.1 Fan from SIngapore. Hurray to D-I-Y!


I can not get over how much I love this idea. Its so very cute and so very simple.

I can’t wait for that first Valentine’s day that my love and I are together (we’re doing the stupid long distance thing) so that I can do this!


Love this…and even something that can be pulled together two days away!


hi! i’m so glad you used those glasses in your kit – i have ONE glass like that and am looking for more to use as wine glasses. do you know where they are available? or even a common name for them so i can do a successful google?

thanks so much!


I just saw this post linked from I love it! Thanks for the step by step!



The glasses came from Ikea- something like $3 for a pack of six! (I looked them up and I think they’re called “Pokal”??) They are our favorite- perfect for juice or wine.