diy wednesdays: door organizer

we tend to subscribe to the “a place for everything, and everything in its place” philosophy, but when it came to derek’s running-out-the-door essentials (phone, notebook, pen) we hadn’t quite worked out a solution. this fused felt door-handle organizer was a super simple way to eliminate a frantic and frustrating search from our morning routine.

have fun!
derek & lauren

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Derek and Lauren’s Door Organizer

here’s what you’ll need:

-3 pieces of 9″x 12″ pre-cut felt
-9″x12″ piece of double-sided fusible webbing
circle template that measures the same size as your doorknob (we used the bottom of a drinking glass)
pen or chalk
sewing machine or needle & thread

1. cut out 3 pieces of felt that are approximately the same size. (ours were 4.5″ x 12″, or half of a piece of pre-cut felt from the fabric store.)

2. cut out two pieces of double-sided fusible webbing that are slightly smaller than the felt.


3. sandwich the felt pieces together with fusible webbing between each layer and with your iron set to medium-high, fuse the three pieces together.


4. square up all the edges with your scissors until all three pieces are exactly the same size.


5. trace a circle that is the same size as your doorknob onto the fused felt, about 1” down from the top.


6. carefully cut out the circle with your scissors.


7. cut out two pockets and stitch them to the larger felt piece along the sides and bottom.

8. fill pockets, hang on your front doorknob, and never forget your important stuff again!


What a good idea – keeps all those things we scramble to find, or completely forget, before going out the door. But knowing my 3 boys, they’d never leave it alone. somebody’d try to hang on it!


how cute is that!! you could even sew a big one with multiple pockets and hang it in a closet

Melissa S.

I loved this and made one tonight for a friend’s birthday. I put some ribbon on the pockets for trim and it’s fabulous. You can look on my tumblr site to see a pic!


Such a great idea! We have a little poster on the back of our front door that just says:


Ok I added the pants bit, but it should totally be there too :D


Oh, my, I love it! I’m gonna have to make a few… one for each door! And I love the moniker “doorganizer”! Genius!


Love this! It reminds me of a tv remote holder that I made for my bed. It tucked between the matress and the box spring and was so handy! This is great for the phone, wallet…Thanks for the idea!


I’ve been needing something like this for…well, my whole life!!! I don’t know how many times I walked out the door, got 3/4 of the way to the subway station and had to turn around because I didn’t have my phone or wallet. Making one of these. Definitely.

Rachel May

I want to do this, but make a giant key out of felt (instead of a rectangle) to throw my keys into when I get home, that would be hilarious! Then I can’t run around the apt 20 times looking for them!

J. Cochran

Of course! I’ve seen these at the Container Store, but how easy and smart to make it yourself.


What an aresome idea. My husband is going to think I am a genious. I am so glad that you clever folks are willing to share your ideas with the clever-less minds such as myself. ;-)


I have a stash of quilted fabric. I am going to make these mail door hangers from it. Use your directions and a different lining.

Love your idea.

angela villasanta

i really like-y-love your doorganizer!!i am super crazy about organizing my clutter at you also have organizer for bags, shirts, shoes using fabrics or felt that i could make at home. thanks!God Bless!


Hi! Thanks so much for this idea! I need this, I’m always looking for my keys and my glasses whenever I’m ready to go somewhere. Maybe this will help me be more organized!!!


Just made three of these for about $2.5o worth of material….amazing! Mine are a mix of blues and a bit of red. Making all three took maybe 45 minutes? And I’m not the fastest sewer in the west…

Thank you for the lovely pattern!!!


I finally made it! Know it will be handy and help me keep up with my phone and keys. Thanks.

Marjorie Lipsey

Finally so9mething I can afford to make for my complete gift list (almost 50 people)