diy project: kate’s vintage brooch knobs

for february i have picked vintage jewelry as my diy material. these knobs are made from vintage enamel brooches, which i fine everywhere these days: flea markets, thrift stores, and ebay. these brooches have such a nice vintage color palette and pretty details, and i never find two alike. while i was on ebay i found some other good options like vintage cameos, art deco rhinestone brooches, and bakelite pieces, all of which would make great knobs for a dresser or side table. happy crafting! -kate

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What You’ll Need:
1. brooches
2. size 8/32 brass flat head machine screws (1.5″ long)
3. size 8/32 brass nuts (you need at least three nuts for each knob)
4. brass washers
5. pliers
6. epoxy or strong bond glue (make sure it works with metal)
7. sandpaper

1. using your pliers, pull off the pin fastening from the back of each brooch. they should pull off pretty easy if you bend them back and forth and pull away from the brooch.

2. use pliers to snip the nub left over and sand the back of the brooch in the center.

3. apply glue to the head of the machine screw and a little dab on the back center of the brooch. tape the screw in place.

4. let sit overnight to harden.

5. to attach to the drawer, put a couple nuts on the screw and then the washer (this allows the knob to pop out so its easier to grasp). place through hole in drawer and put another nut on back side and screw up to the wood to tighten.



I think I want to do this in my kitchen, I’ve never been able to settle on a theme there but this might spruce up the joint. Thanks for the idea!


I have been collecting some bakelite pieces and have been debating on what to do with them. I can not wait to do this!!! Thanks for the tut.


Yet another simple, brilliant, beautiful DIY project! I love it! Wednesdays are definitely my favourite d*s day.


cute! But, make sure the drawers slide easily and don’t tend to stick, these pulls are not going to be super functional, and shouldn’t be tugged on too hard.


That’s funny – because I have started collecting vintage brooches – because I intend to decorate my (very small) Christmas tree with them next year. I never thought of doing something like this!

Feng Shui

This is such a great idea! Turns a simple set of drawers into a great focal point. This idea could also be applied to bed-side tables of night-stands to dress up any boring bedroom. If you don’t have the time, money, or patience to find vintage jewelry and transform them into knobs, Anthropologie is another alternative. They sell a wide range of knobs with a vintage feel. Instead of buying matching ones, mix it up! Visit Anthropologie’s website at


loooove it. can’t wait for a trip home to the States to scope out my old thrift stores. (Norway is seriously lacking in….well….just about everything.)

Katy Kristin

That’s great! I just inherited a bunch of cool brooches from my grandma but they aren’t really my style to wear. What a great way to make something useful, see them everyday, and be reminded of her. Thanks!!!

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

Love it! New hardware – unique hardware, can be pricey! This is an excellent idea.


Pretty! Couldn’t you adapt this to make a knob from which to hang art from a ribbon? My SIL gave us a beautiful handmade (by her!) quilted banner for my son’s room that hangs from a covered dowel with an attached ribbon. So the hanging hardware would be visible on the wall. So I want something attractive. This might just work somehow. Advice out there?


That is very cute but it makes me kinda sad to see those awesome brooches “wasted” like that (I collect 60s flower pins just like those).


Love it!
I have some vintage enamel brooches.
But I do not hit on such a wonderful idea.


Very cute. But definitely an example of form-over-function, don’t you think? I mean, can you really imagine grabbing hold of those every day to pull open those drawers? I can’t help but picture getting poked, having metal flower parts breaking off in my hand . . . Am I the only one?


I’ve got a huge collection of these floral pins that I don’ t wear as often as I should- looks like I just discovered a use for them after all! Thanks!


Has anyone tried this? I want to….but wonder if the glue will hold?