diy project: karyn’s twinkle blackboard

karyn from make something is helping me keep the chalkboard love going today with this awesome diy project she made for her home. not content to just have a beautiful chalkboard in her home, karyn decided to get extra crafty and drill holes through which twinkle lights from urban outfitters could shine. i love the little custom spin on this project. i’d love to see someone spell out a name (how fun would it be to have one of these in your office with your company name or logo shining through?) or song lyrics- that would be super cool. CLICK HERE for the directions from karyn.


woah, that was quick! Karyn’s so crafty and takes on such enormous projects. I wish I had time to be making so much stuff! I am deciding on what kind of message board I want in my apartment, so keep these chalkboard posts coming!


I am intrigued by this idea, it is so magical! Thanks for sharing how to do it, I just might try it out!

Ashley B.

What is it about chalk boards that makes them so dreamy? I guess I loved school and school supplies… yeah, that might explain it.

This is like my childhood dream– like magic school!

Thanks for the how-to!

Lisa Canning

Karyn is so talented, always coming up with great things to make our homes special. Love that a Toronto gal was featured : )