diy project: jackie’s custom dominos

this fun diy project comes from designer cat seto‘s new blog, designing moms. one of her contributors, jackie, came up with this fun project to make customized dominos for children- but that are cute enough that a few adults might want to use or display them as well. using paint sample strips and images from a how-to book, she created these fun dominos that can double as a story-telling game or matching-game. the possibilities are endless, so CLICK HERE for the full instructions from jackie. [thanks, cat!]


Very sweet idea – except when you’re actually playing dominoes, some enterprising young whippersnapper could memorize which paint chips are on which domino! You know, ‘sea to shining sea’ is the snake eyes…


Rachel, that’s exactly was I was going to say. It’s easy to cheat if you are playing with these chips… but they are cute.


I love the colors. I’d have them out for display on my dresser. Great idea!

Lisa M.

Supercute and colorful. What a great way to make something beautiful out of things you’d ordinarily just throw away.


Such a great idea. I have a box full of paint swatches and never know what to do with them, but can’t bring myself to throw them away!