diy project: glass jar frames

i’m not a big framed picture person but every once in a while i wish i had a clever way to display a choice photo of the cats or ac. so i was excited to hear from kelly at photojojo about a fun little glass jar project they’d posted. the project couldn’t be easier (you basically just cut each picture to fit the bottle you’re using) and the results are such a playful spin on traditional frames. click here for the full project instructions and more pictures. [thanks, kelly!]



Love love love this! Re-using the glass bottles and jars gives it a purpose just as great as before (up-cycling, anyone?) but it will also cause house guests to actually stop and look at your pictures for a change. So creative.


Ooohh!! Now I can do something with all of those glass jars that I was never really quite sure why I was saving. I love this!


this is funny because i started to collect coke bottles to use as a vase. it is slim enough to display anywhere even if you have a small workspace (like me) without getting in your way.

Mary Kate

What was the stop motion cartoon that had the photos of the kids in the jars?? Anyone remember that?


Ooohh love this! My husband won’t let me put ANY of our wedding pics up in our apt because he thinks it is cheesy. Maybe I can convince him to let me display one in a jar!


A spin on using a glass vase as a photo display. I can imagine using vintage bottles, perfume bottles and food storage jars in the same way.


i love it!
i’ve already run out of wall space for my framed art so this is a great solution for displaying photos and smaller works around the house.


super fun! i love it when ordinary things are repurposed to have a whole new 2nd life to them!

Mary Kate McDevitt

SFDC / haha yes! ok so not photographs or in glass jar but it reminded me of that. That ended up bugging me that I couldn’t fully remember so thanks for knowing that! : )


Oooh, so clever!! Thanks for the link! It’s a great idea to use my bottle & jar collection in a practical way :)

snarky art critic

great idea! I wonder how it would look to get the pictures printed on transparencies and then cut to fit.


I have a big windowsill with a big empty jar on it that was just waiting for an idea! It was gonna be a terrarium but not so sure about its future now. Maybe pics of plants that change with the season…..


What a neat idea! Great use for old jam jars and photos tired of sitting in a box. Maybe I’ll use graduating jars and put a child’s photo as she grows up (infant-toddler-school age-preteen, etc.) or a pet (puppy to big dog)! Thanks for the inspiration!


That is so clever! Very cute idea, I never was one for photo frames either, I might give this a try though


For some reason – I collect glass bottles & jars… I am not sure why… Perhaps because I am convinced they will go away and be replaced by those loathsome plastic bottles. Any who – thanks for the GREAT find… I love it!!!!!

elaine joy

so cool to see this idea posted…i used the nescafe coffee jar…just peel off the label, and it’s the perfect size to store pens and scissors…i also used it to display some pics of street graffiti i took when i was in Greece…looks so cool on my desk…


I don’t usually take time to write a comment – but this simple idea deserved it….thanks


I am so wearing the I love NY shirt right now. I love it and the jars.


I’m on this site daily and saw this on the 25th. Just yesterday I finished a candle and kept the jar because it was too nice to throw away, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it yet. Today I stumble on this page again…I think I need to get cutting because this is just too much of a coincidence!


I strongly suggest that when you “frame” your pictures this way that you do NOT put them in a window sill where they will look so pretty. I have had glass objects left in the windowsill refract sunlight like a laser beam 86 pages through the paperback book that was sitting next to it. It is a good thing I was home to see the small wisp of smoke coming from the book, instead of returning to a burned down house. Just a thought.


This is just perfect. I have jars all over the place that I can’t seem to throw away.


Yay! I love this idea. I do a lot with jars as is, this is perfect! I think I might even do more pictures on the inside, say, facing the opposite way, so sometimes I can turn it around to a new picture. I like rotatable stuff!


O yes that is the perfec mix betwen Concervancy and Kool Style!


haha,so excellent! and it was also environmental !


Everyone is oooing and awwwwing this…but doesn’t anyone find this as tacky as I do. It is Gawd awful and tacky. Maybe for a small kids craft, but never to be displayed in a person’s home. At least I would hope. I am sorry if this sounded mean.


i think its an ingenious way to use all the pasta sauce jars my mum insists on keeping just in case we need to keep something in the fridge even though we have plastic container for that! thanks


have to say this is so simple but so effective. and brilliant use of a recyclable material that otherwise just gets chucked away


nicely done..

but do u know where cn i find a framed photo in a bottle?
or how to do it?

i have one, n it’s really cool…my friend gave me as a present.. but she won’t tell me where did she buy it lol


OMG, this is a great idea!!! I did it, and they look adorable!!!! Now i have room for all of the glass bottles that i wanted to save for some reason!!! hahaa!


this is Awesome!!! I am having a fall wedding and we are having mason jars on the table with candle and this will match them…I am going to put pictures of my Fiancé and I in them. awesomeness Idea!!! love it.

Glass Bottles

Wow that is a neat idea, I usually just use old glass bottles for creative looking vases, but I will definitely have to try this out, thanks!


That’s actually a great way to make use of jars and bottles. Never really thought of that before, and it’s so simple.


Just sent all my glass jars to the recycling center ( I hoped I could use them, after several years of taking up cabinet space). This idea is absolutely wonderful! Guess, I have to start a new collection to use in this manner! Thanks…how novel!


what if you then filled the jar with transparent drying resin? I’d think youd get a sort of water magnification effect, but without the water ruining your picture.


Really great Idea. I might leave the caps on and drill holes and suspend them from the ceiling in a window.