diy idea: vintage pant hangers

we’ve got some great diy projects coming up today, but i wanted to kick things off with this great diy idea from art director jeff perky. jeff had decided to use vintage pant hangers to use as impromptu frames. i remember o at home magazine doing this last summer but it’s cool to see it combined with vintage shooting targets (which i have a large collection of from summer camp- where i shot targets, not animals). i think just about anything would look cool hanging from hangers with so much character. vintage pant hangers tend to hang out at thrift stores and goodwill shops, but you can also find them on ebay right here. thanks, jeff!


is that dan quisenberry on your mantel next to dwight?

a royals fan


Love these and want to copy, but, not to be too dumb, but is the bottom wood just another hanger with the metal hook removed?


I love this idea! I have a few etsy prints already on hangers & they look great. If your looking for more hangers we have some in our etsy shop too. Thanks!


Its actually Dennis Leonard. my dad’s from Kansas City. We usually catch a royal game or so a year. that was this years at the door giveaway.


yes the bottom is just a hanger with the metal hook pulled out. If you have a good grip you can do it tool free. I just guerilla glued the sides of the wood so i wouldn’t glue the paper to the wood and left it clamped over night. Because of the ridges on the inside of the wood you are still left with a snug hold.


I love this idea. I was able to use it to hang some wild narrow Mexican tapestries in my laundry room.


I have a couple pieces hung like this now, love it! – if you frequent target these hangers pop up 3/2.50 in the “dollar” section quite often.


I LOVE YOUR DWIGHT BOBBLEHEAD!! i’m sorry, but that’s the first thing i noticed in the picture…:]