diy idea: valentine’s day crafts

with valentine’s day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about ways to celebrate the special people in your life (if you haven’t already). i’m a fan of handmade gifts, especially when budgets are tight, and these ideas from twig & thistle are just perfect. emily at wide open spaces sent over their first idea (which she saw on rachel best’s site), which is a free valentine’s day design you can download and print onto a paper bag to house v-day baked goods. i don’t know many people who don’t enjoy a good brownie or cookie so this would be a great idea for anyone looking to bake their way into their loved one’s heart. click here for the free tutorial at twig and thistle.

twig and thistle also posted a free download for a v-day pie box- which i think is such a fun idea. they listed a recipe for making a delicious apple pie, too- what’s not to love? so click here to check out their pie tutorial and start cooking.


thank you! i love this. so many of the freebies this year are for kiddie cards, but this is something the adults can use too :)


the custom printed bags are such a great idea, the only hard part would be deciding what to make to put in them!

Stickers And Donuts

I love all the Valentine’s Day DIY projects on your site! One of the reasons I love Valentine’s Day is because it has the potential to NOT be a crazy-commercial holiday. It can really be a crafty holiday — construction paper, baking, sewing. I wish people would see V-day that way and make pink and red things for all of their friends!!!


I made the brownies and bags for my friends for Valentines and they absolutely loved the thought! It is a really inexpensive way of saying that you care. Thanks so much for the WONDEFUL ideas! I only just found this blog and am not addicted.

Caryl Lyons

I did the bags last year and modified it slightly so I could personalize each bag. Loved them!! I also did them for Halloween last year.


I love this idea – thank you. I was trying to print this on a 6 x 11 inch brown paper bag and I couldn’t get it to center. I tried every page setup on the PDF print set-up. Any suggestions?


Maria, did you try setting your page size to match that of your bag? I haven’t done this, but would like to, and I figure I’ll have to adjust the page size to make it work.

Barbara O'Brien

I just love home baking, Love shabby chic brown gift bags and newspaper gift wraps tied up with string and finished off with a hand crafted gift tags, Gisela Graham does it too!Fab,, (Iron newspapers first folks!) and most of all i love Chocolate Shop Wine seems to go with anything yummy and every occasion! xx

Barbara O'Brien

I love the brown gift bag idea, you can aslo use newspapers like our very own Gisela Graham does too! (Iron newspaper first folks), Parcels tied up with string and finished off with a home made gift tag look FAB and very shabby chic,, Chocolate Shop wine goes with absolutely anything yummy and is fitting for any occasion, Chocolate Shop Wine warms you up a bit like a cozy mitten worn against the biting winter weather. Well it does me! xx