diy idea: heart-shaped paper clips

i love projects that make me smile and think “why didn’t i think of that?”. this fun heart-shaped paper clip project from jessica jones at how about orange is so easy it’s almost impossible to resist making a few of these at your desk right now. all you need is a paperclip and your fingers- because you’re just a few bends away from a heart-shaped way to keep your sweetie’s papers together. if i had children i would definitely use this to pin a sweet valentine’s day note to their lunches. click here for more info on jessica’s site. [thanks, jessica!]


I love this idea! I’ve just turned all my paperclips into hearts! They make all my piles of paper look so pretty :)


What an adorable idea…I definitely need some inexpensive ideas to spiff up valentine’s day this year!


wow, i made these in high school! totally forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me :)

Lindsay H

love this….just turned all my paper clips at my desk into hearts! ha.


very cool! These are a little loose–I find it helps if you squeeze them in a big binder clip for a while.

Sue Y.

i cannot wait to make everyone smile at the office tomorrow with these! thnx


i used this idea for a little project :D thanks a lot! gives the special touch! =D

pd. my mom loves this clips its her new fascination =D


Ok, I have tried making these and I can’t. I can’t bend a paperclip into a heart shape!!!! :( They look so cute too!


this is the easiest DIY i ever found. i’m not really good with complicated ones.. hehe, and this is super cute!!

office girl

not very clear instruction i tried to make some and its not working

Vania Brasil

Instruction looks very simple, I’ll tray to find color clips around here – not only for Valentines!