craft magazine closing

by Grace Bonney

i just heard that sad news from my editor tina that craft magazine‘s latest issue (which just came out, with amy sedaris on the cover) will be it’s last. i’m waiting to hear about their website (which would be so heartbreaking to lose) but it looks like the magazine industry has lost another fantastic publication. what on earth will i have left to read? i’m so sad….

[update: it looks like craft will be embracing its online presence and creating a bigger and better website to house new editorial content]

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  • WHAT!? Oh no no no! I can’t believe this. This is one of the best magazines ever. So sad.

    And I just got a subscription to it as well!

  • I thought for sure that Craft and Make were going to be okay because they are part of O’Reilly. This is terrible news. TER-RIB-BLE.

  • marie

    i’m hoping it means that the website is staying.

    i always wonder why closing magazines, especially domino, don’t keep their web presences.

    and craft has a very active site so i hope they’ll just move to focus on that.

  • I’m crossing my fingers that when the economy finally comes back around these wonderful publications will be picked up again.

  • Yes! The website is not only staying but is going to get even better! Don’t fear! We have loads of awesome stuff in store. Help spread the word that we’re transitioning to a robust online publication. :)

  • Boooo! I JUST paid for a subscription – I’m glad they’re keeping an online presence, but the magazine was the best! (and not inexpensive – what happens to our subscriptions now? I have no interest in receiving Make magazine, as fab as it is, too.)

  • Noooooo!!!! This is terrible!
    But it’s great that they will still have an online presence. I’ll be reading!

  • quick update:

    make isn’t closing- they’ll continue to print. i’m not sure what will happen to your subscriptions, you’ll need to contact o’reilly pubs for more info.

    but the craft magazine is going to become a home for new content and web versions of many of the print columns, so it looks like you’ll be able to get great new content online, just not in print.


  • Oh, these sad announcements are just breaking my heart. I know the creative energy and love that went into such splendid endeavors and it feels like a blow to creative people everywhere when a dream fades away.

  • OH NO! it’s one of the few mags i frequently read! i love craft magazine. it’s so cleverly put together. and i love make too…i hope that doesn’t go away.

    i’m glad they may keep their online presence…but i’d still love for them to do some print or downloadable work.

  • Phew! I’ve never bought the magazine, but I practically live off the website, would be ver very sad if it went under too!

  • I was about to subscribe my husband to Make and myself to Craft.
    Boo hoo!
    I’ll be sure to frequent their website instead.
    This seems to happen to all the best publications like Budget Living and Jane. :-(

  • Oh no! What a loss! I loved reading Craft!!! :(
    I’m glad the website will stick around and become more robust, though.
    Wishing them the best.

  • I am so sad to hear that they are no longer producing magazines. I really enjoyed looking through them. As long as they have a website and don’t disappear forever, I will be ok….

  • oh no!
    i just signed up and got the latest issue, as there is no such mag in europe.
    lucky me;-(

  • man what is the world coming to?
    so many good mags finish up
    good to see they are going to stay and expand online though

  • Very sad. I found the magazine to be great fun but the web site to be a waste of time. The forums are not very active, the layout is jumbled, and it isn’t easy to find specific things. Now that Ravelry has shown what a real online crafting community can be, Craft is not worth my time.

    Too bad they decided to spend all their time and money on Make: television instead of supporting Craft. The claim that they’re going to “improve” the web site is bogus. If they were going to do it, they would have already done it. I’m not interested in what they say they will do — I’m interested in what they actually have done. And at this point, they’ve done nothing to make the site anything more than a pale adjunct to a fine magazine. Sigh.

  • margaret

    as someone who’s seen the working side of several magazines over the past few years, i can tell you from experience, it takes a while to make any sort of major changes to a site or a magazine.

    both are owned by a larger parent corporation and those sorts of changes aren’t made without getting through a lot (and i mean A LOT) of red tape.

    so if craft says they’re changing the website, i’m sure they’re already hard at work on it.

    also, i’d be surprised to find out that make: television got “all” of their money and time- both magazines are served by the same staff so i doubt they quit working on one to focus on the other- if that was true, the other one quite simply wouldn’t have been made.

    magazines like this are run by a small number of people compared to publications like domino or house beautiful, so sometimes you need to cut them a little slack when it comes to making changes- big transformations take time.

    as far as i know, the website will remain free so if you don’t feel it’s up to par with the magazine, then you definitely don’t have to read it or pay for it.

  • well, it’s the current financial situation. I am a writer/designer/crafter and I say we need MORE crafty magazines. Who’s up for starting one??? Hello world?

    I’m in Sydney and have energey.