canada, eh?: gladstone hotel part one

this weekend i hopped on a porter flight (what a seriously cool airline- that’s their lunch box above) up to canada to speak at the interior design show in toronto. although i was only in town for a night, i got a great peek into the world of canadian design and i was absolutely thrilled with the bits and pieces i saw.

IDS itself was a fantastic show (i’ll be sharing more photos later this week) but i was equally taken by some of the offshoot shows in town that night (which i got to explore courtesy of angelune and her wonderful friends- thanks!)- most of all a show called ‘come up to my room‘ at the gladstone hotel.

come up to my room was an alternative show in the queen street west area of toronto. one floor of the historic gladstone hotel was transformed by a number of canadian artists, each team taking a room and installing a special project. i wanted to share a few of my favorites above and below so i hope you’ll enjoy the peek (as well as a few kind of cruddy video clips i shot to try to capture some moving pieces). click here for more information on come up to my room. [part 2 is next- and the key installation above by done by andra hayward, shannon linde and christina ott]

[this room by jeremy hatch looked like a combination of rope, pulleys and crates that had been painted white, but it was actually a delicate porcelain installation. each piece was cast in porcelain and carefully hung- this was definitely a room that made me nervous with my big bag on my back]

[i loved this faux-melted ice cream room by Liz Wolfe and Mauricio Affonso. it was made to look as if a whimsical hot air balloon full of ice cream cones had crashed inside. even a sink in the room was made to look as if it was running melted ice cream, and not water. i’m trying to find this design team’s name- anyone know?]

[beautiful ceramic birds nest chandelier by coe & waito]

[beautiful lighting and print work from eric mathew and andrew ooi]

[a beautiful sauna room by studio junction, complete with cut-outs in the ceiling. gorgeous.]


I love the key installation!!! I am always loosing my house keys, so I think I should do one at home!!!


Hi, I am very happy to hear you enjoyed the show! There were quite a few amazing artists involved! The name of the artists who designed the “Ice Cream” room are Liz Wolfe and Mauricio Affonso. If you have any other q’s about the show let me know! (Oh, I am one of the curators of this year’s show).


Thanks so much for the reason to go to the IDS2009 site, too cool for sleep. I’m lovin’ todays stuff as much & the lunch box is seriously cool too.


Yay Canada! I’m so glad you made it up to my hometown Grace :) I was at the interior design show two years ago and had a blast – champagne, music, design – what more does a girl need? And isn’t the Gladstone fun? Many a Saturday night has been spent there ;) I also kept everything Porter from my flight to Halifax last year, such good design, eh?!


Wow, LOVE the keys! I’ve just recently started a collection of keys recently and was wondering how I could hang them in the future…definitely cool!


Yay, I’m a wonderful friend! That was a lot of fun, Grace…thanks for indulging us and hanging out. :)


Go Toronto! Thanks for covering this! I didn’t get a chance to get there this year but it looked amazing!


I stay away for a couple of days and come back to find that you have been literally right around the corner from me the whole time!

My son’s grade 9 art teacher sometimes takes his class to the Gladstone on Friday’s to check out the installations. Pretty cool.


Yay for canadian content!!! Now can you please please please do a Toronto roundup?!?!?!


That’s so funny, I kept my Porter stuff from a flight last year too! It is great design.

Love the key installation.


ooh the green print on the wall. My favorite green pops up again. Yay for the nod to grass green. Love it!

Eileen Callarman

Very much of a Senior Citizen here, perhaps I missed the point or am living in the past. This way to hi tech for me and would not stay there.