before & after: mural bedroom

anastasia of faiella design has shared two beautiful interior ideas with us before, and today she’s sharing a bold wall mural before & after. inspired by an osborne and little pattern, she decided to create this wall mural for a client’s loft bedroom. talk about a transformation! thanks to anastasia for sharing!

[have a before & after you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me an email right here with your pictures!]


Fantastic! That is really inspiring… amazing how far just a coat of paint will go (the rest helps, too, but you gotta start somewhere!)


This is lovely! Did Anastasia do the work herself? I would love to get instructions for a do-it-yourself like this (including, perhaps, advice on how to take, say, a small pattern and enlarge it to a scale similar to this one). Thanks.


nope, uh-uh. Brings the ceiling down so much, thought it was a hobbit house.


I tend to agree with gillian, but there is a definite improvement despite the low ceiling.

I love the pattern in any case.