before & after: leslie’s chair

this fun chair before & after comes from designer and artist leslie lewis sigler. she had a hand-me-down chair from her mother-in-law that needed an update so she decided to give it a facelift with some glossy spray paint and fabric from hitmoi kimura. i love that glossy black look and think it really elevates the chairs from frumpy to fresh and modern. thanks, leslie!

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My awesome friend LESLIE made this chair, not Leah!! :) Thanks for posting this. She always does great work!


Truly stunning. I wish I had the imagination to see the “after” while looking at the “before.” Amazing.

Anne @ The City Sage

Ooh and Ahh! This is utter perfection! I adore the glossy black finish—just perfect for the faux bamboo detailing!

This makes me seriously think about which objects in my own house could use a little TLC…


Glossy black spray paint is a godsend. Black+white+1 color is a never-fail combination. Awesome chair!


This is a fabulous redo. I love the simplicity. This chair would look lovely in my apartment. :)


I have a question? did you have to sand down the chair at all prior to spray painting? I have a lil table I might want to try this on.

look forward to hearing tips.


Hi Jenny. Yes, I sanded the chair first. It roughens the surface so the paint will stick. Have fun with your project!


What needs to be done differently to avoid peeling?
Love the chair! I want to do something like this for my kitchen table chairs.