andrew holder + ac (my other half)

well hello, beautiful artwork i would like to own. d*s reader libby sent over these beautiful pieces from los angeles artist andrew holder. it goes without saying that i wish i had enough money to pick up at least half of his work. oh man, what a day that would be, picking out prints for each room. click here to check out andrew’s full collection online. [thanks, libby!]

ps: marichelle at heart handmade started a fun series called “the other half” (about designers and their boyfriends/girlfriends) and today she interviewed my favorite person, ac. his answers had me in tears and laughter simultaneously, click here to check it out. thank you to marichelle for interviewing ac and thank you to ac for saying such sweet (and funny and honest) things.


The owls are adorable! I love those creatures. And the interview with your “other half” was quite entertaining!


ac seems like really great, flexible person and it was fun to hear about the other side of design sponge. i definitely appreciate all of your hard work!


This work looks a lot like Siggi Eggertsson’s ,they must have the same influences ……


Crikey, Andrew Holder! I can’t stop going back for another look. They’re amazing. I love Two Bears and Early Bird and, well, okay, all of them. I haven’t felt this excited since I discovered Charley Harper’s work.


AC’s interview was amazing. I think my other half and him may have been seperated at birth. I read the interview to him aloud, (he laughed out loud and I imagine it was a bit comforting to know that hes not alone….but I’m still not letting him “put that ugly thing in our apartment.”)


I got such a kick out of the AC interview. My bf and I use a voice for our puppy who also has a bad attitude about everything. It’s comforting to know we’re not the only ones who do that!


What a great interview! AC, PLEASE write a funny (but helpful) manual for guys living with designers and design enthusiasts :) I’m not sure my fiance gets it yet!