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by Grace Bonney

[image by m.charles]

today i’m taking a brief break from manhattan guides and giving the stage over to two fantastic cities: zurich, switzerland and savannah, ga. up first is a wonderful (and seriously detailed) guide to zurich from d*s reader malene of foodie.ch. malene has created a stunning list of shops, restaurants, book stores, museums, galleries and and much, much more. if you’re lucky enough to be in europe right now, or are planning a trip to zurich, malene’s guide will be great to bring with you. click here to view her full guide or just click ‘read more’ below. thanks, malene!

click here for malene’s handy google map with the guide’s locations…

I have been living in Zurich with my Swiss partner for 5years. When we moved here from Berlin, I didn’t know how I was going to survive in such a quaint city (360,000 inhabitants). Zurich was a complete mystery to me. It still is, but every year that we’ve lived here, things have changed drastically. Zuerchers are living it up a bit more. They are vacationing at home instead of getting out of Dodge because there is alot of fun to be had here. The city is investing heavily into cultural forums & events, art universities (the new ZHdK is set to be completed 2012) and architecture. People are talking openly about and doing new things . My approach to this guide is to highlight the people (and establishments) who are trying to breath new life into the city they live.


(top-left) Baumuster Zurich (bot-left) Abraham (right) Neumarkt 17.


Design Shops

There are a few design Kreis (neighborhoods) in the city. Forchstrasse is the restoration/ upholstery district, Talstrasse/ Nueschelerstrasse is for high-end custom design pieces, Neumarkt (Kreis 1) doubles as an architecture tour and Kreis 4/5 is where you’ll find most secondhand items. After the fall of Swiss Air, dozens of Second hand shops appeared selling authentic Eames and Prouve pieces. Many of these places have closed shop and have been replaced with young design start ups.

Einzigart – Great for finding one-off or limited addition pieces. Many young Swiss designers get their start on this shop floor. Josefstrasse 36, 8005, tel 044 440 4600. info@einzigart.ch

Neumarkt 17 – This former swimming school now houses avant guarde design. Even if you’re not buying, taking a tour of the shop is a must. (The pools are still there!). Neumarkt 17, 8001, tel 044 254 3838. info@neumarkt17.ch

Neumarkt 17 Design Garage – When your dream Hayon chair is still full price, head to The Garage. Most of the pieces for sale were the either displays, slightly damaged or returned models in the main shop. Kartell, Vitra and other big names selling almost at cost. Only open Saturdays from 10 til 16h; Bleulerstrasse 1 8008, tel 044 381 5204

Baumuster Centrale Zurich – One of the most important locations for any designer. Baumuster specialize in making prototypes. Talstrasse 9, 8001, tel 044215 6767. info@baumuster.ch

Zumstein – Zurich is limited when it comes to supply shops but this one is super. Carries almost everything you’ll need to complete design projects. Rennweg 19, 8001, tel 044 211 7770. info@zumstein.ch

Hobel – Designs and manufactures beautiful wood furniture (mostly tables and chairs). Neumarkt 12 8001, tel 044 252 3292. laden@hobel.ch

Elastique – Large (& sometimes just plain bizarre) vintage collection and a few custom pieces as well. Gruengasse 19. 8004, tel 044 242 0054. mail@elastique.ch

Juerg Bally Partner – Part of the Neumarkt strip. The shop is housed in a gorgeous buiding from 1300’s. Neumarkt 6 und 11, 8001, tel 044 261 96 50. info@jb-partner.ch

Sibler – Design kitchen supply shop. Muensterhof 16, 8001, tel 044 211 5550. sibler@sibler.com

Limited Stock – is place we’re you’ll always find something for those ‘difficult-to- shop-for’ friends. Spiegelgasse 22, 8001, tel 043 268 5620. info@limited-stock.com

Maurice de Mauriac – Watches are a big deal in Switzerland but they are mostly manufactured in the french part of the country. A little over 10 yrs ago, young watchmaker Daniel Dreifuss founded Maurice de Mauriac and started manufacturing timepieces from Zurich. Right now, MdM is booming because his pieces are future classics. Toedistrasse 48, 8002, tel 044 280 0112. info@mauricedemauriac.ch

Zeit.Zone Zurich – A watch boutique with unique timepieces. Kreuzplatz 2 8032, tel 043 244 6776

Strala – A young Swiss design firm that makes flawless furniture. Dufourstrasse 169, 8008, tel 044 242 5624, strala@strala.ch

Two Rooms – is like Zurich’s version of Colette. The shop is off the design route but in an area that is becoming more… dare I say hip. You can tell that the owner, Stefano, loves everything in his shop by the way he presents it all with such care. Sihlfeldstrasse 10, 8003, tel 043 817 2980. info@tworooms.ch

En Soie – This shop caters to a more mature clientele but En Soie designs / makes their own fabric and beautiful ceramic tableware. Strehlgasse 26, 8001, tel 044 211 5902. info@ensoie.ch

Punkt 1 – Showcases furniture from local designers. Can be considered a design gallery. Rindermarkt 17, 8001, tel 044 262 62 80. info@punkt1.ch

Meinrad’s Puppen und Baeren – This is not a design shop but Meinrad’s is worth mentioning. They create beautiful handmade toys using traditional techniques. Neumarkt 12, 8001, tel 044 251 3990.

Architecture & Design Bookshops

Spheres – A cafe, poetry hall and art bookshop. A lot of fun in the summer with an outdoor terrasse directly on the water. Hardturmstrasse 66, 8005, tel 044 440 6622. postfach@spheres.cc

Orell Fuessli/ Payot Bookshop – Art/Design/Illustration/Architecture/Food books in all languages. Marktgasse 12, 8001, tel 0848 849 848. order@books.ch

Hochparterre – Books on Architecture. Gasometerstrasse 28, 8005, tel 044 271 2500. info@hochparterre-buecher.ch


(L) Friends of Carlotta (R) Vestibule

Clothing/ Jewelry

Vestibule – Most of the female population in the city shops here. The service is excellent and they carry a good mix of european designers. Just recently, they started their own collection and once a month they hold special events in shop for clients and friends. Spiegelgasse 13, 8001, tel 044 261 1331. info@vestibule.ch

Tran Hin Phu – This former Swiss textiles award winner opened his namesake shop 2 years ago. Birmensdorferstrasse 32, 8004, tel 043 243 9016.info@tranhinphu.com

Making Things – to be honest, it’s difficult to describe this space but they have many pretty handmade things. Gruengasse 20, 8004, tel 043 243 3188. info@makingthings.ch

Friends of Carlotta – Not just a jewelry shop but a gallery as well. The owner is a former teacher and huge supporter of young jewelry designers. Neumarkt 22, 8001, tel 044 261 8707. info@foc.ch

Burri Optik – In addition to carrying rare eyeframes, they will custom design frames for you. Uraniastrasse 22, 8001, tel 044 218 7788. info@burrioptik.ch

Apartment – French and Belge labels and great accessories. Loewenstrasse 1, 8001, tel 043 243 1521. info@apart-ment.ch

Fidelio 2 – Sells mostly designer clothes. Started their own line a few years a back which is only available in their shops. Nueschelerstrasse 30 8001, tel 043 344 8470. mail@fideliokleider.ch

Eclectic Lifestyle – It’s name speaks for itself. You’ll find clothing and accessories from all over. Werdmuehlestrasse 7, 8001, tel 043 344 8042. info@eclecticshop.ch

Alprausch – Young design company creating original winter gear. Their shops resemble old mountain chalets. Werdmuehleplatz 4, 8001, tel 0 44 497 32 00. info@alprausch.ch

Lea Kray – Designs clothes and jewelry using African fabrics. St. Peterhofstatt 3, 8001, tel 043 497 2510

Flower Shops / Hairsalon

Garten Eden – Beatrice Haeusler is an award winning floral artist who is adored by the art community and the locals. Hafnerstrasse 11, 8005, tel 044 273 2929.

Urs Bergmann Florist – One of the prettiest floral shops in the city. Marktgasse 6, 8001, tel 044 261 9425

Sfax – It’s always good to know a hairstylist abroad. The stylists are multilingual, talented and quick. Badenerstrasse 4, 8004, tel 044 241 8787.

Chocolate Shops

Chocolate is everywhere in this city so it’s refreshing to find chocolate shops trying raising the bar on how chocolate is savoured.

Truffe – The owner has a gift for finding the rarest chocolate producers from all over the world and Switzerland. She also makes hot chocolate the original way…pure melted chocolate. Schluesselgasse 12, 8001, tel 043 539 1885.

Chocomotion – New chocolate shop in the old town. Good selection. Marktgasse 9, 8001, tel 043 288 0988 info@chocomotion.ch

(L) Kafischaps (R) Schwarzenbach Tee Cafe.


Zurich is not as not as expensive as you might think. Prices might seem alarming but you have to remember that the tax and tipp are always included in the total.You also have to know where to go. I’ve put together a list of of places where the service is top, the food is great and where you’ll get what you pay for. Unfortunately, Zurich hasn’t adopted non-smoking laws so for the non-smokers going out to eat in the city…two words: eat early.


Schwarzenbach – Brews their own fine tea and makes yummy sweets. The teashop is a degustation bar for the products they sell next door. Muenstergasse 19, 8001, tel 044 261 1315. info@schwarzenbach.ch

Globus on Bahnhofstrasse – Top floor has a cafe overlooking the city. Great delicatessan downstairs with hard to find produce. Schweizergasse 11, 8001, tel 044 226 6060. info@globus.ch

Grieder Terasse – Great terrace overlooking the Paradeplatz. Bahnhofstrasse 30, 8001, tel 044 224 3636

Cakefriends – Cute and relatively new cafe. Torgasse 3, 8001, tel 044 252 2211. hello@cakefriends.ch

Odeon Cafe Bar – Opened in 1911 and soon after began to be a popular hangout with James Joyce and Albert Einstein. What alot of people don’t know is that Odeon serves great fresh food. Try the Thai Dream Salad or if you’re really hungry, ask for the Swiss burger. Limmatquai 2, 8001, tel 044 251 1650. info@odeon.ch

Bar Infinito – They serve fresh pressed juices, tasty espressos and homemade iced tea. Sihlstrasse 20, 8001

Confiserie Spruengli – In the shop, service can be poor and the ladies working there are abrupt but in the downstairs cafe and upstairs restaurant, the food is great and the service is flawless. I recommend the baked omlette with grilled vegeatbles. Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001, tel 044 224 4740. info@spruengli.ch


Josef – Small tapas style servings. Good food. Gasometerstrasse 24, 8005, tel 044 271 6595. info@josef.ch

Zentraleck – Young chefs making delicious entrees. Zentralstrasse 161, 8003, tel 044 461 0800. info@zentraleck.ch

Maison Blunt – Moroccan styling. Vibrant decor. Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005, tel 043 211 0033.

Lily’s – Great soups & they deliver. Langstrasse 197, 8005, tel 044 251 7070, info@lilys.ch

Sankt Meinrad – Rated #1 in the city & with good reason. Stauffacherstrasse 163, 8004, tel 043 534 8277. restaurant@sanktmeinrad.ch

La Cote – Love their entrecote & the charbonnade. Aemtlerstrasse 26, 8003, tel 044 241 9191. info@restaurant-lacote.ch

Hiltl – Serving delish vegetarian restaurant since 1898. Sihlstrasse 28 8001, tel 044 227 7000. info@hiltl.ch

Mesa – Amazing. One of the best meals you will ever eat in your life. Hold your breath pricey but worth every rappen. Weinbergstrasse 75, 8006, tel 043 321 7575. info@mesa-restaurant.ch

La Salle – Part of theater complex at Schiffbau. Converted shipping yard with a nice menu. Schiffbaustrasse 4, 8004, tel 044 258 7071. info@lasalle-restaurant.ch

Swiss Chuchi Restaurant – It’s better to wait until the end of your trip to visit the Chuchi because the smell of cheese (fondue) will linger in your clothes for days. Rosengasse 10 8001, tel 044 266 9696.

Restaurants in Hotels

Greulich – The restaurant at Zurich’s first design hotel is divine. The catalan chef that holds the fort is an artist. Herman Greulich-strasse 56, 8004, tel 043 243 4243. mail@greulich.ch

Hotel Helvetia – Old restaurant, new hotel with a great lunch (gourmet meatloaf on wednesdays). Stauffacherquai 1, 8004, tel 044 297 9999. info@hotel-helvetia.ch

Zum Guten Glueck – Warm brunch on Sundays. Stationenstrasse 7, 8003, tel 043 540 7299. contact@zumgutenglueck.ch

Kafi Schnaps – Gets very full on weeekends. Kornhausstrasse 57, 8057, tel 044 215 40 40. contact@kafischnaps.ch

Hotel Restaurant SeehofSeehofstrasse 11, 8008, tel 044 254 5757. reception@seehof.ch

(L) Zum Guten Glueck (R) Hotel Helvetia


Without going into too much detail, Swiss hotels are infamous for openly turning people away based on ignorant assumptions. But this is changing. There is a new guard of young boutique hoteliers who have embraced the times we live in and who want to make sure their guests have an enjoyable stay in their city.


Hotel HelvetiaStauffacherquai 1, 8004, tel 044 297 9999, info@hotel-helvetia.ch

Zum Guten GlueckStationenstrasse 7, 8003, tel 043 540 7299. contact@zumgutenglueck.ch

Kafi SchnapsKornhausstrasse 57, 8057, tel 044 215 40 40. contact@kafischnaps.ch

Hotel Restaurant SeehofSeehofstrasse 11, 8008, tel 044 254 5757. reception@seehof.ch

Hotel RigiblickGermaniastrasse 99, 8006, tel 043 255 1570. info@hotelrigiblick.ch

RothausSihlhallenstrasse 1, 8004, tel 043 322 1050. post@hotelrothaus.ch.

X-TraLimmatstrasse 118, 8031, tel 044 448 1595. hotel-reservierung@x-tra.ch.

Hotel Seidhof Sihlstrasse 9, 8001, tel 044 228 7500. info@seidenhof.ch

(L) way to Flumsberg (R) Hoch Y’Brig.



Sometimes you don’t have a full weekend to head to the mountains. There are beautiful ski locations within 45 mins of the city. There is Hoch Y’Brig (a personal favorite), Flumserberg (you’ll find alot of Zuerchers there) and Flims/Laax (tons of snowboarding events here). Most of these resorts are not touristy and have great conditions. Before you head up, check the Ski Resort Snow Report since the weather in Zurich is never a good indicator of what it will be like in the mountains. The site has a live webcam on different resorts in the country. If you do want to stay up there, for a night try booking a room at Riders Palace Base station, 7032 Laax-Murschetg, tel 081 927 9700.

Museums Art Galleries

Every Thursday Zuritipp publishes all the art openings happening for that week. Free art, canapes and wine… Who can resist ?

Museum fuer GestaltungAusstellungsstrasse 60, 8005, tel 043 446 6738/043 446 6767.

Migros MuseumLimmatstrasse 270, 8005, tel 044 277 2050. info@migrosmuseum.ch

KunsthalleLimmatstrasse 270, 8005, tel 044 272 1515. info@kunsthalle.ch

Kunsthaus – In addition to great art, there is a restaurant that serves brunch on Sundays with unlimited plates. Book well in advance. Heimplatz 1, 8001, tel 044 253 8484/ 044 251 53 53. info@kunsthaus.ch

Gallery Kashya Hildebrand – 2 locations: Zurich & New York. Young gallery with amazing contemporary work. Talstrasse 58, 8001, tel 044 210 0202. info@kashyahildebrand.org

De Pury & Luxembourg Limmatstrasse 264, 8005, tel 044 276 8020. info@depuryluxembourg.com

Hauser & Wirth ZurichLimmatstrasse 264, 8005, tel 044 446 8050. info@hauserwirth.com

Badi Culture

In summer, you hang out by the lake as much as you can. The city has set up these lakeside oasis’ called Bads (or Badi). Some are 1940’s artificial wonderlands while others are 100 years old and made out of wood. Mythenquai is the badi for families, Seebad Enge is for the singles and Frauenbad is girls only. The smartest thing to do is buy the 3 month summer pass that lets you get into all the Badis in the city. City Baths / Stadt Badi


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  • Oh, and you forgot one Zuercher institution for clothing shopping. Trois Pommes. All 18 locations of it!

  • high-5’s everybody!
    glad you like the guide. i wasn’t able to feature every shop in the city but i made sure to write the good stuff down.

    to M – i tried to focus on special shops in ZH, so i didn’t include trois pommes in this guide. i didn’t think d* readers would be interested in where to find prada or dior. my bad…
    but, if anyone wants to know where to find those kind of shops, drop me an email and i’ll send you the addresses . take care!

  • Trois Pommes doesn’t just sell Prada or Dior! It is expensive, but what doesn’t cost a fortune in Switzerland?

    My favorite Trois Pommes location is their “Modern Vintage” store on the river. “modern vintage” apparently stands for “last season” because it’s their outlet for stuff that was previously unsold!

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    I was there in summer and we were at Stadtbad Enge watching the sunset. Just beautiful!
    I wish we had this guide before because the shopping was limited. It’s nice to see this city has more than just generic designer labels.

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    @corrinne — i don’t think i could make a guide for geneva. I don’t know gva as well zh. desolé
    @ barry — go with schiffbau. Food is good, nice ambiance and never gets too smokey.

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  • This guide is great! I’ll be there for 5 weeks starting next week. Can you tell me if there is an outdoor flea market and if so where it is? Also, I heard that there is an outdoor farmer’s market on Tuesdays, I think it was–can you tell me where it is?
    Thank you!

  • There is an outdoor flea market every Sat. on Langstrasse at the Kanzlei. Map here: http://www.flohmarktkanzlei.ch/6809.html

    There is an outdoor farmers’ market every Tue and Fri until 11.30 at either Bürkliplatz (that’s the snazzier one) and one on Helvetiaplatz just opposite from where the Kanzlei flea market is.

    From May to Sep. there’s also a flea market on Bürkliplatz.

  • Great to discover all those nice adresses in Zurich! I have been living there for a year now and I did not know half of them.
    Very exciting to know how much more I can learn about this city :) many thanks!!!

  • I’m impressed. As a native from Zürich, you really listed a lot of cool spots, shops, etc.!
    For people living newly in Zürich I recommend the guide book “Zürich for Newcomers”. It helps you with daily headaches the first few months in Zürich. You can get it at the English Book shop Orell Füssli on Bahnhofstrasse.

  • Thanks for the Guide. Zurich is an unique city. I lived there for many years and I still enjoy traveling there.

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  • Great list! I would second the mention of Bogen 33- my favorite in Zurich. And one more: a tiny shop at Universitätstrasse 17 is Le Boudoir. Everything has been chosen with care- mostly small items for your home, and some awesome jewelery too.

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  • @ skal: for self-publishing art books, try nieves. shop located in la perla on langstrasse. or try kunstgriff in the löwenbräuareal on limmatstrasse. and sec 52 has a nice selection of design & art books (on josefstrasse). for older stuff try Buchhandling Calligramme at Häringstrasse and just a very nice bookstore Buchhandlung bertastrasse.

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  • I lived in Zurich for two years and I loved this place La Stanza http://www.lastanza.ch

    In the Hardbruke area of the city the old viaduct was restored and the Markthalle is a lovely place to eat, shop, drink and hang out http://markthalle.im-viadukt.ch

    There’s also an excellent Asian restaurant called Anthony’s kitchen. http://www.anthonyskitchen.ch/start.html The welcome was fabulous and so was the food.

    La Piazetta was one of my favourite restaurants http://www.la-piazzetta.ch/index.php?id=1

    Cafe Schoeber is a great place for sweet treats and delicious hot chocolate http://peclard-zurich.ch

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