swoon: rebecca niederlander

by Grace Bonney

next week i have to report to the brooklyn courthouse for jury duty so i’ve been looking for something to take my mind off the hours i’ll be spending in that room. i’m happy to be doing my civic duty, although i’m a little antsy about the idea of being stuck in one place for that long (at least i can post from the courthouse thanks to their wireless). but looking at these beautiful paper installations by rebecca niederlander completely sets my mind at ease. they look like delicate floating clouds that just happen to have landed on a window. there’s such an ethereal quality to them one can hardly help but to stare and wonder about how beautiful they would look in person. rebecca’s friend cristi sent me a link to her site and i haven’t stopped clicking through it since. if you’d like to read more about rebecca’s work (and see more gorgeous images, like the last image below from 2003) just click here. [thanks, cristi!]

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  • hey i did jury duty there last year. it’s really not so bad. i brought a book, and spoke with conviction and opinion and got kicked out pretty quick. you can’t use the computer if you’re in a courtroom so bring a book, too.

  • Oh darlin, I have jury duty next week too! I wish I could walk up in the courtroom wrapped in one of these amazing creations.

  • Okay, I know the comments should be about Rebecca’s lovely work and not just about jury duty, but Erica, thanks for the tip about the book. I have jury duty next month and wouldn’t have even thought to bring something w/ me to keep myself occupied. You just saved me from a whole lot of unnecessary boredom. Thanks!

  • If you like this artist’s floor installations, you should really check out the work of Polly Apfelbaum. She’s been doing beautiful floor installations with hand-dyed materials for years. http://www.pollyapfelbaum.com/

  • the art work caught my eye and kept me reading to see what it was, the comment on jury duty made me remember this, our courthouse won’t even allow cell phones in, no knitting needles, sharp objects, electronic devices of any type — the guards are getting a collection of cell phones/ipods from out of the bushes by the door every week!