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sneak peek: yaling of flowie style

by anne

our second beautiful sneak peek for today comes to us from textile designer yaling hou of flowie style. i’m totally loving her style, great use of color, and the fact that her place just feels so liveable. check out more, full-sized images here, and you can find her entire flowie line right here. [thanks, yaling!]anne

[This will be our future guest bedroom and office. Now, we use it as our bedroom while the master bedroom is undergoing the remodeling. ]

The bookcases are IKEA’s LEKSVIK bookcases with doors. I painted them white.

This is our dog, gucciro’s, favorite spot in the house! He can watch outside and bark at anyone who walks by. Bad doggie…sorry, neighbors:(

Our picture wall.

Flowie‘s garden love fabric in black/white.

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  • Personally, I could do without the Keep Calm poster that’s cropped clumsily in the mis-proportioned mat that comes with the Ribba frame of that size… Sorry, it’s a pet peeve of mine. Otherwise, this is a gorgeous home, and I really, really appreciate your use of color!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love how it’s so clean and soothing, while remaining stylish and decorative. I’m going to pulling a few ideas from here as inspiration. Thanks for a great tour!

  • Where were the shelves in the kitchen over the red wastebasket purchased? I love them!

  • Wow, I love that first bedroom shot! I can’t even imagine how wonderful the master bedroom is going to look when you’re done with it.

    Also, haha, about your bad doggie!

  • Thank you so much for all the nice comments:)
    The shelves above the kitchen wastebasket are from Ikea. They were actually cut from one 32″ long shelf (they don’t have small ones).

  • Beautiful house Yaling. I can’t believe I’ve never come across Flowie before. I like your work a lot.

  • This comment is unrelated to any of the lovely visuals. It’s about the phrase “more, full-sized images” that appears in nearly every introductory paragraph about the sneak peaks. For some reason it just sounds grammatically incorrect. I can’t believe I am actually commenting on it, but it just bugs me every time I see it. Saying “click here for more photos” would suffice. Sorry to post such a weird comment. It’s just something that catches my eye week after week.

  • hi sarah – we usually end up cropping the images, so that’s why we tend to word it the way we do. perhaps i’ll start spicing it up a bit more in the future ;)


  • i’m in LOVE with this house! from the kitchen floors/cabinets to the decorative flowers on the cabinet under the keep calm sign. gorgeous.

  • The shelfs are from IKEA.
    It’s a nice place. Love the shower curtain.
    Let her have her “keep calm” poster. It’s her house after all.

  • PRIOR to the glorious 2009 inauguration one could not have enough Keep Calm signs throughout one’s home. I can take them down now. I Think I’ll put up Yes We Can signs now. Bee.

  • The textiles are wonderful. In fact, I love everything except the “Keep Calm” poster. That poster is beginning to grate my last nerve.

    Before hitting submit I went back and read everyone else’s comments and realized this had already been said, in one form or another. I think my peeve is that a photo focussed on that poster is shown over and over again, as opposed to the poster being just another item in a larger photograph (or better yet left out of the photo array).

  • I put up the Keep Calm poster simply because our house has been undergoing remodeling and construction the moment we moved in (our contractor is nailing the roof right now!). The poster is just to keep me sane during the construction mess. Once everything is done, I will change it to “Bye Bye Nail Guns!”

    Thank you so much again for all the nice comments:-)

  • Where is that keeping calm poster from? I think it’s from the same place where I saw another poster about a great team or a perfect pair (something like that) Anyway, its’ driving me bonkers.

  • It’s beautiful and orderly. I love the fresh colors with the white. Great idea to use the colorful pots on small shelves. Love the Keep Calm poster too! Thanks for sharing your personal space.

  • If I see another “Keep Calm” poster I’m going to lose it all over the QWERTY. Bore to the core. I can’t believe all the gushing over these ho-hum interiors. I like the dog, at least.

  • i have been checking out the sneak peeks for quite a while now and this is my first comment…
    i love the aqua wall – makes a fresh back-drop for the beautiful flowie curtains.
    for those of you who don’t like the ‘keep calm’ print – have no fear – no one is going to force you to purchase one and even if one of these prints were forced upon you somehow, you would still have the option of whether or not to display it.
    that said, why can’t those who enjoy the print, simply enjoy it?? you can’t tell me this poster is the only ‘often spotted’ thing in these peeks…
    oh, and no, i do not have one of these lovelies in my home, but i do believe that to each his/her own…

  • I guess it makes perfect sense that you’re a textile designer, because that is exactly what I love about your home. Where did you get the brown curtains in your living room? And is the shower curtain the same fabric as shown above the window in your kitchen? It’s all so beautiful!

  • What a darling home! I adore the sunlight! The bathroom cabinet, the textiles, the kitchen,t he dog, the fire place, the ferns, the colors! [blue, aqua, yellow and brown]

    I saved a lot of this images in my “inspiration folder”


  • The cabinet in the last photo was from a local furniture store, called Furniture Center. (1235 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063) It’s a shabby-looking store, but they have good furniture.

    The fabrics in the living room and bathroom are both Flowie’s fabrics. You can find them here http://www.flowiestyle.com


  • It’s gorgeous! Love the bedrrom style and also the living room is so inviting! You can feel the cozy flair of it all!

  • I’ve seen those “Keep Calm” posters at Pedlars here in the UK. They even have it on a rug! They also have prints that say “Make Do and Mend”, “Don’t Talk Over the Music” and “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”.

    They’ve had them there for a couple years at least. Not my cup of tea but to each their own!

  • i must live under a rock (actually it’s china) and i dont trowl the blogsites like other people, so i haven’t realized how popular this keep calm poster is until today. I have to admit that I LOVE It and wish I had one! anyone living in china will admit that we NEED to be reminded of this DAILY!

  • Looks so comfy. Feel so like not trying too hard to create and find beauty in living. Which i feel is the best. Plus Love the color combi too.

  • “That” poster was one of a WWII series – it was the one never used, reserved for the possible land invasion of Britain. They were all cream on red, with the crown symbolizing the voice of the king to his people – funny that the voice of George VI is up in American homes! Given the current economic times, perhaps people might switch to the “Your courage” one that was used. You can see it at http://www.ww2poster.co.uk/posters/imagebank/yourcourage.htm

  • I love it all!! Your bags just keep selling like hotcakes over here. Now I can tell All my customers to check out your cute house too!!

  • Yaling’s home is oozing with tranquility. I especially love the mixture of blue and white walls.

  • Hi,
    Everything is so beautiful.
    How were you able to paint your Ikea bookcases white?

  • While ones hate the ‘keep calm’ poster and love the barking dog I sadly have to say I started to hate barking dogs since my neighbors have collected incredible 40 barking ‘cuties’ just in the few houses around mine. Sometimes the noise gets insupportable. Please, don’t just smile to a ‘bad dog’ barking at any and every single thing, do something about it, otherwise a million posters will not be enough to do the ‘keep calm and carry on’ trick on your neighbor. Nice place, though.