sneak peek: beci orpin


for our second sneak peek of the day we travel down under to the home and office of australian designer beci orpin. she’s one busy lady these days, getting ready to launch a new stationery/homewares line in march, but she was kind enough to send over these photos of her amazing home for a sneak peek . check out tons more images here, and until her site is relaunched you can check out her work right here, as one of our featured designers in our regional roundup: australia. [thanks, beci!] -anne

[above:bedroom – bedroom – my dad took this mantle from another room and put it in ours… we love it! thanks dad. more frames, parker drawers, bentwood chair (from my local opp shop!) ]

bedroom -. windows look out to park across the road and faces east so we get great morning sun

side board, florence broadhusrt fabirc print (my husband gave it to me for xmas a few years ago) and collection of frames detail in our bedroom

receding shelf with yellow mosaic tiles.i serched high and low for the right yellow!

lounge – its a pretty small room so we dont have much in it, except our couch and a sideboard. we keep the couch in day bed position with lots of cushions

bookshelf…. i have bad book addiction. prints on top are mine froma show i did in 2006

dining. again this is not a very big space, so this cabinet is great for storage. some friend gave me this cabinet when we moved in. it matches rest  of our stuff furniture perfectly!

storage in tyke and ari’s room

studio -part of my desk used for drawing


I really enjoy your blog but your pictures aren’t working in google reader…?? just thought I’d give you a heads up


love this. wish a friend would give me a cabinet like that. also, where are the teeth from?


I love how simple her bedrooms are, & I love the receding mosaic tile shelf!

Do you know each of these designers from around the world? How do you go about these kind of guest features? I love it!

I am in the beginnings of making my blog more design oriented. I have taken peeks at your blog for a little while now. Thanks for always inspiring me and others!


If any of these chairs–any of them at all–ever need a foster home, they are more than welcome at my house. The black bentwood one especially. No, the orange one especially. No, the bedroom one especially. Sigh…


I hate to reiterate what others have already said, but in this case, I must. Those teeth are AMAZING! I, too, would love to know the source!


I love Beci Orpin. So nice to see an Australian Designer on your blog! I think those teeth containers are made by Beci Orpin herself – as she often uses teeth in her designs. I’m loving the Parker furniture!


hi guys

i made a comment about this last week and this morning- our server has had some major issues and they’re being fixed right now- they should be back up and in google reader tomorrow.



I love the Grant Fetherstone chair next to the side board. What a great find!



Very nice sneak peak indeed –
you have a lovely place.
I was very excited to see my bird cushions on your lounge!!

Thanks Max


love the the punch of color in the bathroom. dig the sink—who’s the manfucturer?


Love the teeth and the green plastic lamp in the studio. Where can I find it?


i love, love, love the face cushion on the day bed…who makes it??


i love the tile in the bathroom! any chance of letting me know what the color is and who makes it? it’s the perfect shade of yellow! thanks.


What is THAT yellow called??? I love it and use it in my house… Mustard? That sounds too “ugly” – and I need to find a better word for it…
love that tiled shelf in the bathroom…


ohmy gosh, i have the same vintage stag barometer in the second-to-last photo (and i’m in london!) how weird!


What a coincidence – I just posted an interview with Beci on The Design Files last Friday! Lots of images of her illustration and design work.

Yes the teeth are from Beci’s own range of homewares, clothing and accessories – Princess Tina. That label unfortunately will be drawing to a close in 2009, and Beci will be producing similar items under her own name, as well as devoting time to her new range of kidswear under the label Tiny Mammoth…. she’s one busy lady!

More info in the interview here –

Thanks! Lucy x (

Emma from 50 kvadrat

Very cute home! Too bad her website wasn’t up and running, I would have loved to see some examples of her work since I’m pretty sure I would like it!


Gorgeous. And I particularly enjoy the bathroom! But fireplaces that don’t function always make me a little sad…


I really like the eclectic style and the way you organized everything is simply beautiful. The yellow mosaic tiles in the bathroom are gorgeous.


oh my! i am in love with this place, the furniture……mid century modern teak…i drool at! the credenza’s….bedroom and kitchen are wonderful!


@ Mouse:

I believe you -used- to be able to get a chair very similiar to that black one in the first photo (Original design by Le Corbusier) at Ikea for a ridiculously cheap price like $14.00. I don’t know if they have them any longer.

Also, I LOVE Beci’s owl on the windowsill in the last photo. I adore owls knick-knacks!


i have the exact same toothbrush holder! love love love everything else also.


I love love love the yellow tile in the bathroom! I’m redoing my bathroom now and wondering where you got that great wall-mounted sink? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!


Beautiful! I would love to know where you got the (wings out…) owl in photo number three!


I adore the splash of colour of that yellow tiled shelf… Very impressed by how disciplined this space is! If I had the nerve to have rooms that bare I would freak out and fill them with stuff within a week!


Total love. And I’m joining the chorus of Tooth Lovers! Any chance we could find out where those canisters(?) come from?


thanks so much for all the lovely lovely comments!!! here are some answers to you queries:

TEETH – they were originally part of an exhibition i had in 2004. i made 30 and all have sold except for these 4. but, i am planning to make some similar for my new line that is planned for launch in march.

TILES – i think the yellow was called daffodil. i brought them from a great tile shop in melbourne called perini, but i cant remember who the maker was – sorry!

FACE CUSHION – is one of mine from a princess tina collection a few years ago, but again, as i have had lots of requests for them it is going to be part of my new line that comes out in march. am going to do a few different colours as well

SINK – is villeroy and boch

ELEPHANT MOBILE – is from flensted –

ALSO… sorry my site isn’t up at the moment, it should be back up in 2 weeks (complete with a shop section!). will post again once its live.

thanks again for all the niceness!!!!

p.s yes – i am a big avian lover! ornithology would def. be my second career if possible!


oh and one more thing – owl with wings out i found at a flea market. its hand-carved and one of my most treasured finds!


Am I the only one who doesn’t like the main bedroom? It looks so cold and bleak with nothing on the all-white walls… the floors are nice and warm, but those walls are crying for something more.

All the other rooms are elegant and the arrangement of objects artistic. The children’s rooms are delightful.