{mini} sneak peek: sherry stein


today’s sneak peek takes us into the industrial chic home of sherry stein. her white “villa” is in a historic building from the 30s in downtown santa fe. after eyeing the building for years, sherry knew she had to grab the small, 700 square foot upstairs apartment when it became available. the big challenge was downsizing to fit into it, describing it as a true exercise in creative editing. the result is very impressive, showing white space is a good thing. click here for more images of sherry’s home, and here to check out her great bags. [thanks, sherry!] -anne

[above: The large fireplace became the center of the room. The oversized couch and Douglas Fir benches and dining table were all made for a loft I had in San Francisco – my designs and the impeccable fabrication of J.Spix, a cabinet maker based in Sausalito.  The orange ’50’s Danish chair, designer unknown, was acquired from a second hand shop in Santa Fe. ]

I loved the  white radiators, which became part of the furnishings, plus the great view of an open courtyard and historic buildings of Santa Fe. table setting: I have the great fortune of having three close friends as potters to complement my white porcelain dishes.

this is where I do all my computer work before heading out to the shop where my S.Stein Workbag line is being made (that’s one of my bags beneath the table).  The rolling stainless steel table was from a recycled office furniture warehouse in Portland, Oregon, the stool designed by Jeff Covey (shown at Herman Miller and DWR) and the simple shelving unit from Gorilla storage.

The bedroom furniture, made of Oregon hemlock, was designed by me and made by J.Spix. I made the black-out shades from recycled felt and tan canvas.


Wow, what an amazing achievement. This is my dream to live in a home designed completely by myself, especially one as great as this.
C x

Stacy Guthrie, myweddingfilm

I love the kitchen table. It just seems to fit together so well, and it’s a great use of space! I was noticing the radiator in the last picture and went back up a few and saw more, then I noticed you mentioned how you used them in the design of the room. I love it, so vintage!


would anyone happen know where the flatware is from?


She really rocks the white. I’d be too scared about dirtying things — I’m a klutz like that — but it works nicely.


I just clicked on Sherry Stein’s website and while her products are stunning, those prices!!!!!!! My first thought was: what currency is this?


I looooooove the white… And the fireplace … I would use some more unfinished oak though, but the overall look is nice


serene and beautiful…i love the light in santa fe.

the products, a beautiful investment and each appears to be custom made… thus the price. not a flavor of the month purchase…these are for a lifetime, even though they will remain simply a bookmark in my wishbook.


Very pretty and some of the furniture pieces are absolutely gorgeous; however, and I know this may be controversial, but I think it could use more color. Not that the house needs to look like a tourist ad for Santa Fe, but I do think all-white can feel awfully cold/impersonal. Would also like to see some more art on the walls.


I think her home is absolutely beautiful. I love the clean and simple aesthetic. and it just flows so nicely. Her bags are gorgeous too!

Rona Chang

I’d love a closer look at the felt curtains. I’m intrigued by the description and the way they are hung. How do they function?


I absolutely love this look, but we have two German Shepherds with big paws. Never gonna happen at our house. How do people keep all- white decor looking clean?


I own three sstein bags and have had them for a few years now. They are amazingly durable and so cool looking. Yes, a splurge but will wear like a great pair of jeans or your favorite leather jacket.
total industrial chic.


I live in NM and when I looked at the picture I knew it was home. Must be the light? Only in NM can you get light like that. Beautiful home.


I think the white wall next to the desk appears quite naked and cries out for a picture of me. Other than that – I love what you’ve done with the place! xox – scottylynn


WOW! What a beautiful home. Impeccable taste. I especially like poster of those cute little boys!


S.Stein’s bags are incredible. 100% made in the USA of USA materials. This is virtually unheard of in the bag industry. Her bags are incredibly well designed and constructed. The prices are in USD and well worth it.

Lucitectural Classics

I’m getting very over white! Aren’t there other ways to look ‘clean’?

It’s so boring, everyone does it … yet everyone still calls it beautiful and chic. Sorry to be the dampener!


I love color and lots of it, but have often thought that the only room I could really enjoy in white or neutral colors is my bedroom…I am looking at hers and want to go that route…it looks so cheerful and clear yet soothing at the same time. Plus who doesn’t love radiators? :)


all that white scares me! [i can just see it with my boston terrier’s little black hairs everywhere!]


Erm! Hello do you know that much of your demographic lives in NYC where 700 square feet is not at all “small.” It’s huge!

Angelyn Conklin

Adore it!….Simply elegant- just like her bags…and I’m sure just like her.


Love all these comments about my
Santa fe place and wanted to answer
A few of the questions- the blackout
Shades were made with 1/4″ recycled
Felt on one side and 18oz canvas on
The other, bound on the edges- With
Rings and small hooks hanging them to
The top sill, and additional ring on the
Bottom edges to fold them up- they’re
Great for keeping a room warm and
Quiet as well as dark.

The flatware is from Hugo Pott of
Germany and can be ordered thru
Moss of NYC.

Off to the shop to design a baby tote due to launch in February! Sherry


your space has inspired me to minimize. my garage is now overflowing with past treasures demoted to storage & craigslist.

Sarah Miller

I love this! Cool, calm and relaxing. I can imagine it as the perfect retreat from chaotic city life! Oh, one can only dream! But I am so inspired by this! I think I may do our bedroom all white! Now, if I can only kick our hairy cat out of our bed! Sarah