michelle ramin

with the economy the way it is right now, one of the few things i feel good about investing in is artwork. portland, or artist michelle ramin sent over her beautiful watercolor and gouache paintings and i was instantly hooked. she focuses on local portland scenes and other cities she’s visited and i think the contrast between industry and nature is really lovely. click here to check out her full series and shop online.


BEAUTIFUL!!! it’s great to see artists who can show us the poetry of urban scenes…

Amy G

Very nice! I just started a body of work based on abandoned and run-down houses, so this is right up my alley! :)

Ms Unreliable

Absolutely gorgeous! I have the utmost respect for those that can master water colours, I’d forgotten how tricky it was until I took a class last year, and needless to say my efforts were laughable.

Add to that the graphic strength of the linework and the unpainted areas, and these are just pure perfection!

ali herrmann

these are great watercolors…a cross between illustration and painting. The colors are right on vivid and play well off the black and white drawings. These make me think they were fun to make.


Really stunning work & is totally making me homesick for Portland. Her pieces seem to right near my old hood.


i don’t usually comment twice in a day, but these are gorgeous! thanks for featuring, checking out her other works now!


i’m moving from eugene, or to portland at the end summer. these pieces make me excited on two levels, one because they capture the quirky beauty of p-town, and two because i’m a curator and gallery director and seeing this kind of talent coming out of my future home turf makes me feel very inspired!


michelle is by far one of my favorite artists! she keeps astonishing me with what she can do.