side + end table roundup

big pieces of furniture may be a little out of reach in economic times like these, but thankfully there are reasonable prices to be found in accent furniture. so my winter intern sam and i decided to put together this roundup of great side and end tables. fun, decorative, and functional, these tables are perfect for the end of the couch, next to low beds, or placed side-by-side to serve as an impromptu coffee table. we’ve rounded up over 65 examples for you to check out so hopefully there will be something in here for everyone. if we’ve missed your favorite side/end table, feel free to add it in the comment section below for everyone to see. click here for the full guide or just click “read more” below. there are many, many more tables after the jump so i hope you’ll check them out.

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[top image, clockwise from top left: jules tables $199-$299 each, cork stool/table $406, acrylic timber table $325, ukiyo table $509, strut side table $249, william and mary end table $636, marie side table $696, trollsta side table $79.99, hollow end table $475, pumpkin table $1685 (this is my “just window shopping” table)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: williams cube $1950 (i’d love to save up and invest in this piece- it’s timeless), barbarella side table $349, recycled aluminum table $299, trollsta table $99.99, orla kiely table $716 (darn the weak dollar), desi table $199, hive table $89.95, acrylic nesting tables $180, foley tray table $395+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: marcel wanders table, magino side table $450, floating table $980, rolly table $300, ginger table $299, aries side table $39.95, taper side table $69.99, alden table $99.99, formosa table $49.95, ]

[image above, clockwise from top left: tree stump side table $199, reversible side tables $229, salvaged wood nesting tables $289, organic side table $2800 (just for eye candy), branch and glass table $198]

[image above, left to right: sasha side table $399, faceted mirror table $199, mirror side table $249]

[image above, clockwise from top left: moroccan drum table $199, step side table $159, branch side table $179, butler stand and tray $180, tray side table $199]

[image above, clockwise from top left: thorsten van elten stool $150, darby table $79.99, link side table $150, eileen table $199.99, xtra square side table $149, rolly table $300, maku side table $339, narrative tray table $510, modernica table $365]

[image above, clockwise from top left: circolo nesting tables $299, pod table $110, nesting tables $199, natalie nesting tables $99.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: nesting hexagons $229, intaglio table $150, granite top table $479, crocodile embossed table $399, mirrored top tray table $699, hudson side table $895+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: vejmon table $119, saarinen side table $1136, zoey table $119.99, vitra nesting tables $2059, umbra nesting tables $500, million rings table $448, almidi end table $625, i-beam table $345]


You know what I love about this site? I was looking through the roundup, rating each item, going “oh yes!” or “oh NO!” and it hit me: yeah, not all of this is my taste, but that’s what’s so great. d*s presents us with all the options so we can each find what suits us best. Thanks, d*s!


I had to look twice to take in the i-beam table. what a great inclusion, and it’s something I’ve been looking for! — you can pull it up under the couch or chair, so the surface will hang over the arm. V. nice! For anyone interested in this table, another one along these lines (& a little less expensive) is the peekaboo c table from CB2. Thanks for the post!


I just love the the tree stump and natural wood tables. I was looking for one recently and just couldn’t bring myself to by such an organic piece from a chain store. I found a very talented independent craftsman via ebay and purchased an amazing side table. Here’s the link if you are interested.

The side tables he currently has listed are a bit folksy, but the one I bought was very simple with clean lines.


Very cute! I love the Rolly Table from Velocity Art & Design — it’s the perfect fit for a bed I just inherited!

jennifer in sf

Oh great, now I want that Jonathan Adler table as well as the Rolly Table! Time to start saving up.

lush bella

sam and grace, these are some wonderful tables!

grace, please tell ac i took one of his recommendations from his gift guide for guys to heart, and got g. a playstation for christmas. many have said i should have my head checked, but this may become a couple thing that we do together. we were on gamefly last night reading game reviews, and the graphics on some of these games are out of this world!


With regards to the tree stump side table: I was coveting this but NOT the price, and recently found my own solution– a neighbor had just cut down an old pine into perfect bedside table sized slices. I had originally intended to strip the bark (making it more like the west elm table), but after cleaning it thoroughly, letting it dry, and sanding the top smooth, I decided that it looked awesome left alone. It may sound a bit too rustic, but it doesn’t really look that way with my decor. People wonder if it’s real! I’m going to “make” a second one soon….


I just wanted to thank you for doing these round ups. They are always fantastic. Time and time again I have refered back to them when making furniture choices…so thanks!


Thanks! I have a u-shaped sectional with a small area for a table and I am really hoping to upgrade from my $14 Ikea Lack this year!

That Urban Outfitters Pod is a lot of fun, altho probably too mod for my space.


I am thinking of buying the Quincy bed in cherry – not sure yet. I am buying two white bachelor’s chest from the Stanley furniture Coastal Living collections. I think they will look nice with the cherry bed. I think you need a good size chest next to it. End tables are too small unless you have limited space.


I sell several of these tables on my site and some other unique itmes I think you may like! Great blog!!

furniture wardrobes

These are pretty collection of side tables! There are lots of options that will really suit different rooms from modern to traditional styles.