d*s on domino: under $100 small storage

the latest installment of my under $100 column for dominomag.com is live today- and it’s a celebration of all things ‘small storage‘. i’ve gathered 20 of my favorite storage items in the market right now, ranging from kitchen storage to bathroom organization to office helpers. click here to check out the full selection and click here to check out the archives of past under $100 columns. if you’re looking for more budget-related content just click here for the budget-friendly section of d*s.


Hate to go along with the crowd, but the teacup hooks are just too thrilling! Love those little folding fabric boxes and the camouflaged book boxes, too.

clarity & grey

Grace…this is my favorite list of your so far! My family of four lives in 900 sq. ft., so I’m always looking for good storage solutions. My favs were the apothacary jars and like everyone else…the hookmaker…genius!

Jax Jax

My coffee, sugar and rice are going right into those The Mutidot canisters!

Jo Park

hey, does anyone know where to get the teacup holder? i tried to follow the link but domino mag is out of business. Would appreciate any help.


Any chance these might be reposted on d*s now that the domino site is taken down? (tear)



i wish i could, but conde nast owns the content so i can’t take it back :(


Tube Notcher

This is really great idea! I’ve needed some new things that are both adorable AND affordable. GOOD EYE GALS! Thanks for posting.


Almost all the links go to Architectural Digest – not to your article. Something off…


Hi Deanne – This is an older blog entry. When Domino magazine closed, so did its website. :(