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diy wednesdays: nesting doll salt shakers

by Grace Bonney

seven days in, and so far 2009 appears to be the year of de-cluttering and cooking (for us anyway). this project is a direct result of those current obsessions. it’s also a good example of the criteria we use when coming up with project ideas, that is, we hope whatever we make will be useful as well as pretty. well, in our most recent purge we came across these delightful blank nesting dolls. we’ve had them forever, but hadn’t figured out a treatment for them that wasn’t merely decorative, and thus “cluttery”. inspired by the fun shapes and colors of eva zeisel’s ceramic salt and pepper shakers, we fashioned a handy set of our own. click here for the full project, or just click “read more” below.

happy new year!
derek & lauren

[image above: eva zeisel’s ceramic salt and pepper shakers]

here’s what you’ll need:
-blank wooden nesting dolls (we used these)
-acrylic paint
-paint brushes
-power drill with a tiny bit (we used a 5/64)

1. paint the wooden dolls in a fun color palette.
2. after they’ve dried, mark where you want your holes with a pencil.
3. carefully drill the holes.
4. fill the bottom half of each doll with your favorite spices—salt, pepper, cinnamon sugar, parmesan cheese, etc.

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