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diy project: kirsty’s feather and leather napkin rings

by Grace Bonney

ac and i are starting to get down to the nitty gritty with our wedding planning and table decorations are foremost on my mind. so i was thrilled to see this diy project from kirsty neale in my inbox yesterday. she created this beautiful napkin ring project that would be perfect for a wedding or any sort of party or get together (you could easily sub-out the leather for another material like cotton fabric if you’re vegan). the project is easy to do, all you need is a printer than can print on acetate paper (the feathers are actually print outs!). click here for the step-by-step tutorial, or just click “read more” below. thanks so much for kirsty for sharing- you can check out her blog, ginger and george, right here.

[stay tuned for another diy project this afternoon at 1pm]

Feather and Leather Napkin Rings by Kirsty Neal (click here for her post with process images)

What You’ll Need:

-Strip of leather (or other material to create the base of the napkin ring)
-Hole Puncher (one that is capable of cutting through leather, like this one)
-Inkjet Acetate Paper (like this)
-Digital images of feathers (or any other image you’d like to use)
-Metal eyelet
-String or ribbon (to hold napkin ring in place)

1. For each napkin ring, cut a 5 x 16cm (2 x 6 1/2 inch) strip of leather.

2. Punch a hole, roughly 1cm (1/2 inch) from one narrow end of the strip, and a second hole 1.5cm (3/4 inch) from the opposite end.

3. Curve the strip round and overlap the ends so the holes are aligned. Fix in place using an eyelet.

4. Print out feathers on to a sheet of inkjet acetate. Cut around the edges of your chosen feather.

[if you’d like to use feathers like kirsty’s, you can pick up the kit she used right here at two peas in a bucket]

5. Snip a length of string, thread or narrow ribbon. Hold the feather in position at the front of the napkin ring, then wrap the string around several times to hold it in place.

6. Knot the string above the feather and trim away any excess.

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  • These are very beautiful. I love the idea of the print out feathers – but beware oldies at the wedding! My granny would never stay in the same room as a peacock feather! Oh no. Peacock feathers indoors very bad. Very bad indeed….. I have idea why but I seem to have been conditioned at such an early age I can’t get past it! Dangerous things grandparents. I must check what my mum is teaching my boy! t.x

  • How sweet is this fun and easy idea! You can get everything you need to do this at Michaels Craft store, or any craft store at that! I think this is such a whimsical and classic look, with a touch of Spring Goodness!

    Thank you for letting me post a comment,
    Shawn at Mortise & Tenon LA and Yourfurniturelink