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trend roundup: ikat

by Grace Bonney

even though ikat has had its run in the home design world over the past year or so (and has been in vogue many times before) the fashion world seems to bringing ikat back again with the spring/summer 2009 collections. i know some people are over it, but lately i’ve been blown away by email after email asking for an ikat trend roundup. and since i’m still totally loving ikat prints (and don’t think i’ll ever stop loving them used in moderation) i thought it would be fun to roundup some of our favorite ikat options in the market. thankfully i wasn’t alone in my hunting- my fantastic wintern des helped me find a huge chunk of these items, ranging from bags and rugs to pillows and clothing. i hope you’ll enjoy the ikat indulgence as much as we did. our ikat guide continues way after the jump so click here to view the full roundup or just click “read more” at the bottom of the post. thanks to des for her help with this!

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[image above, clockwise from top left: ikat wooden stool $295, silk ikat pillow $95 (via katy), ikat cashmere wrap $32.50, ikat frame by oscar de la renta $100, ikat napkin $14, oscar de la renta v-neck ikat print dress, madeline weinrib ikat pillow, ikat bubble dress by oscar de la renta $963, calvin klein ikat shopper $152, ikat cushion cover $99.99, ikat clutch $150, ikat bowl $14, ikat heels $625]

[image above, clockwise from top left: marc jacobs ikat top $138, ikat flats by oscar de la renta $595, madeline weinrib clutch $450 (oh how i love these!), ]

[image above, clockwise from top left: 2009 dkny ikat dress (i’m saving up already), ikat tea towel by hammocks and high tea $13, organic cotton ikat shower curtain $29.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: love and luck ikat stationery $16 for a set of 5, furniture by madeline weinrib (price available upon request)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ikat bag by pink posie at etsy $45.50, ikat duvet cover and shams $16-$60, ikat bedding $199+]

[image above, left to right: ikat chevron tea towel by hammocks and high tea $13, ikat fabric $17.49 per yard, ikat duvet cover and shams $45-$250]

CLICK HERE for the rest of the ikat roundup…

[image above, clockwise from top left: john robshaw ikat pillows $110-$130, ikat lumbar pillow cover $49.99, ikat agenda books by motel deluxe at cursive in abc home]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ikat fabric $10.99+ (via katy elliott), ikat pillow cases $68.75, grey ikat pillow $29, silk ikat pillow $95, ikat carpet by madeline weinrib, ikat patterns book $19.99, madeline weinrib pillows, ikat table cloth $58, ikat clutch $150]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ikat-inspired duvet $1115+, organic ikat towels $16.99, ikat fabric $85 per yard, ikat floor cushion $100]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ikat journals by meg mateo ilasco $32, trina turk ikat swimsuit $139]

[image above, left to right: sabi ikat pillow covers $9.99, ikat paisley duvet cover + shams $49.99-$159.99]

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  • Thanks for that! Personally, I am still digging the print. I am saving my ikat indulgence, however, for an awesome rug which I can’t seem to find!

  • i am so drawn to ikat. i have been for kind of awhile and yet, have not actually purchased anything in the pattern…until now, i am going to get that shower curtain!

  • Thanks for this! I know ikat has been around the block a few times, but I still adore it. I want the clutch so bad!

  • Oh this is great! I love Ikats… I think it’s a trend with some staying power! Thanks for the round-up!

  • oh man, i rarely comment but i gotta disagree. worst of the trends? no way.

    i gotta protest when this year saw things like an overflow of generic wall decals, the reemergence of antlers (did we really need more new antler designs?), gun imagery, mushrooms (i really hate mushrooms), and more bird silhouettes. not to mention hollywood regency overkill for the umpteenth time.

    in comparison to all that ikat seems so much more sophisticated and lovely. at least in my book.

    ok, i’ll get off my soap box ;)


  • ahhh I love ikat, always have always will… it is like the ethnic version of a woven hound stooth or herringbone for me. Such a classic! :)

  • Wow – I used to be semi-anti-ikat, but I realize now that it’s because I hadn’t seen quality pieces before. Many of the products/items above have me smitten! Thanks Grace!

    (Who wouldn’t LOVE that DKNY Ikat dress?! drool….)

  • Personally that ikat pattern does nothing for me. It looks south western, which is a style that is hard for me to enjoy.

    I agree with you on the bird silhouettes. They were cute at first but I’m sure glad I did not buy into it because they are already starting to look tacky.

  • I agree with Grace. I enjoyed this post! There are some really elegant interpretations of ikat.

    As someone who grew up wearing a lot of ikat for ceremonies, weddings, funerals, etc. with her family, I can’t see it as a trend. I associate it with tradition, ha…

    But some of the products (and color combinations) are easier on the eyes than others.

  • I was really excited to see your IKAT post! IKAT prints can be so chic and have that luxury, tropical, resort feel…and I think they’re absolutely lovely! I purchased an IKAT printed dress from Anthropologie a few years back and just looking at it makes me happy! Thanks for this post! :)

  • Oh, I don’t disagree with the over abundance of things already done. I guess I just don’t involve myself in that scene much anyway. I’m more of a Mid Century + clean modern lines kind of guy.

    Overabundance of same design would be why I don’t try to pay too much attention to what someone else is doing. If you always watch everyone else closely, you are more likely to create something similar to theirs, and you also become sick of it 10 times faster.

  • Wow, Mid-Century modern. That’s not been overdone before in the least. Not at all…

  • i havent even read it yet, i immediately scrolled down to say THANKS, GRACE! my favorite blog covers my favorite fabric! you are the best!

  • This is one of my very favorite motifs. Thank you for the (very) thorough review of all that can be done with ikat!

  • I am so happy to see that ikat has made a big impact to the design world in the west. If you didn’t already know, Ikats’ origin is from South East Asia (including East Malaysia), and as a Malaysian, I feel, well, proud. :)

    About the comment that it is the worst trend, perhaps you don’t realize that the indigenous people of East Malaysia meticulously hand dye and manually weave the strings. Most of the patterns and images hold powerful meanings and stories behind these intricate designs. I guess that’s why many people appreciate the art of ikat.

    However, today everything has been mass produced and may have lost its personal meaning, but we can all still admire and appreciate these beautiful textiles.

  • Abosulutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing. That is a universal print that never gets old.

  • Great post! Ikats may be a la mode, but let’s face it, they are timeless and will always be in good taste. A true ikat is a work of art and skills that are so highly valued by those of us in the machine made U.S. of A. I am thrilled to see a movement towards appreciation of handmade items and ikats are a good example of this.

  • I have a hard time seeing how someone could call this “ugly.” However, I am cringing at the anticipation of seeing Ikat prints slopped all over the racks of cheap department stores.

  • I did a project for my textiles class in design school. I was assigned ‘Ikat’ and dreaded having to research it. I seriously thought it was one of the ugliest patterns I had ever seen. Then I started to research the origin…and the history…the technique..the variety and now I am in LOVE with Ikat! Bravo for showing Ikat in such a wonderful light! :o)

  • The Hobo bag fabric is available through Kravet . I have had my dining chairs upholstered in another colorway and am really enjoying it.

  • as with all good things, moderation is the key! i am not really a fan, but i can see how these types of patterns can create some interesting looks paired with contrasting furniture.

  • Like any trend, sometimes it takes a while to accept and embrace. Now that it is showing up more often in fashion, it will most certainly show up in our homes. The freshest Ikats are those that push it to the next level via bold colors and oversized patterns…making Ikat modern and fun!

  • Just a thought– most of these fabrics (save maybe a few imposters), are woven, without printing. This is why ikat is such a special technique.

  • Ikat is a very special technique, a very fine process of yarn tie-dye. Its great to see such crafty techniques are now being pulled up the value chain…and brodening its horizon of existance.

  • I love Ikat prints! I hope it does not go out of style anytime soon. I just bought this dress that was nearly $500. I should’ve bought it on sale but I’d bought it earlier without thinking. I love this site too by the way. Kudos on this.

  • Completly support the comments leaved by Donna Halloran. I appreciate this human very much.
    I am also fan of handmade Ikat Fabric.
    Thank you.

  • Just had two clients order chairs covered in Ikat fabrics. Did I sell them the “look”? No, each woman chose it because it made her happy. One has a very traditional house, the other a modern home. They each loved the colour they chose and the texture and “reality” of the fabric. Being in style didn’t seem to occur to either of them.

  • Ikat is gorgeous when it is real. I love seeing those dyed yarns woven together. I don’t like the printed on fake ikat though. The suimsuit bothers me because I know it’s a knit fabric and it’s not woven. It’s not real ikat. Kind of like what Matt said.

    I also have to agree with Marie that it also depends on the color choices, proportion, etc.

    Ikat is fun to make too if you have the patience!

  • ikat is the real deal.

    it has movement and is very genuine. i’m not crazy about some of the newer ikat that doesn’t show it;s natural woven like bleed.

    just wallpapered one wall behind a clients bed. love it.

  • I have been hunting for fabric OR pillows in Ikat for my familyroom and a guest room. THANKS ! Do you have anything by the yard, in blues?

  • Fabric with these patterns can be integrated into most of my interiors! Good stuff from my point of view, I don’t why its getting a bad press from some of these comments.

  • Peru has a an Ikat technique tradition in the north of the country. Now I am experimenting with this technique looking for new ways to express it.

  • hi.. i m a student of architecture.. i would like to know where will i get these ikat stuffs? i mean which shop? i stay in mumbai.. thanks!!

  • I am trying to find some ikat fabrics…anyone have some favorite websites or lines they love. Looking for roman shades in a white kitchen. color and fun

  • In Mallorca (Spain) are still made the IKATS, it name is “roba de llengos” and “tela mallorquina” and its 100% handcraf t and are manufactured using the traditional system

  • I am the weaver for this traditional Ikat fabrics and made ups.And I am very happy to see here our designs.And we are introducing our selves as manufacturer and supplier of this traditional item.

  • I stumbled upon this site a little late…(just 5 years!) but could not resist the beautiful ikat designs and patterns! Wow!!

    I also recently watched a youtube video on ikat fabric which was equally inspiring. After watching it, I could finally fulfill my wishlist. Here is the link:


  • @Kristen
    The video link that you posted about ikat was as you said was really helpful and had some good colelctions of ikat fabric. Ikat was and always is one of the best choice for upholstery.