sneak peek: dutch canal home by uxus

last week ruben at uxus design in amsterdam sent over some beautiful pictures of a children’s playroom they had designed- at mcdonald’s of all places. i was really intrigued by their design work in that space so i was thrilled to hear from ruben again this weekend about a residential space they’d finished in amsterdam. uxus designed this gorgeous canal house in the center of amsterdam and i couldn’t resist posting it. it’s so dramatic and chic it makes me want to move to amsterdam just for that gorgeous dusty-amber light they get (it also makes me want to put drapes around everything in our house). click here for more of uxus’ work and click here for full-sized (and additional) versions of these images. thanks to ruben and everyone at uxus for sharing.


Love the drapes, love the light! Does anyone have any idea who created the image on the wall in the 2nd and 5th photograph?


This is definitely going into my ‘dream home’ file. I love the sophisticated rustic feel.

Thanks for sharing!


Does anyone know who makes the chair in the last photograph? It’s wonderful.


I’m in love with the piece in the 7th imagine – the bird in the glass cage – and won’t be satisfied until someone passes along its details (and confirms it’s out of my price range)!


I am so in love with this beautiful home! I love the clean lines with all the natural elements- and the white brick walls are amazing!


Ooh, I have a crush on that chair in the last picture also. I love this place.


Anyone know where to find a sculpture similar to the pointing muscle guy in the 8th picture?


These are the coolest sputnik lamps I’ve ever seen — except for the one in Grace’s kitchen, of course :)


the chair in the last picture is Rex. It was designed in 1954 by a Slovenian designer/architect Niko Kralj. It’s featured in the MOMA. No idea who sells it abroad, though.


Rachael – I think the dining chairs are the “Manilla,” available through The Conran Shop. There’s also an armchair version, and it comes in natural or black. (I’ve been looking at that design for a while now.)


What kind of bedding is the in the first shot? Linen? If not, where can I find good linen bedding?


The light is so thoroughly Rembrandt, the feel at once so renaissance and so modern. Thanks for the beautiful images!


why does everything seem so phallic AND vaginal…..

maybe it’s just me..

Dolan Geiman

I feel like if I slept here, I’d wake up as the ghost of Walt Whitman and blow kisses to my visitors while riding a wolf around the living room.
thank you for such moody design, i love it/*


Modern baroque – So beautiful! I would love to know more about the art – the pink and gold painting and the matte black vase/sculpture.

The Deco Detective

Phallic and vaginal?? I think that’s just you =D
I love this. I was going to add some more colour to my home, but now I want to do neutrals only! Only thing is the scull craze. When is it going out of fashion? Please tell me it’s soon!


I guess I’ll disagree with everyone else… this atmosphere is too haunting for me… makes me feel rather scared!

cold light is really not for me. nor is dark, old and heavy furniture.


i am totally outing myself as a biology nerd here, but WHERE did they get the figurines of embryogenesis (5th image)?


this is great. does anyone know where the tables in the last photo are from? the ones next to the chair with the books on top.



the stools in the last image you are referring to are Piet Hein Eek.


I must confess I hate the horns. And the skulls are just too much, in my opinion. Anything that reminds me of dead animals or people must be kept away from a home. I wouldn’t feel neither comfortable nor welcome in such dwelling. “Romantic” and “sexy” are not words I would use to describe this style. More like “Dr. Frankenstein” if you account for all the references to body parts… ;)


I love the “drapping “curtains in the first picture and the painting in the background, very theatrical !
I love this sneak peek.