sneak peek: baked charleston

it’s no secret that i’m a huge fan of baked bakery in red hook brooklyn. along with owners renato poliafito and matt lewis, the bakery was one of the first subjects of the d*s video series and it’s still one of my favorite places to spend an hour during the week eating cupcakes and drinking a hot chocolate. so i’m thrilled to share a sneak peek into baked’s new shop in charleston, sc! matt and renato worked with hivemind design again (ruby and sather do such great work) and created a really special shop, with a similar feel to the brooklyn location, but with it’s own spin on the modern ski lodge meets southern gothic look. baked: charleston is location on the corner of east bay street, in the city’s historic french quarter and has three walls of tall windows that light up the space. i love all of the design details in the space like the walls decorated with layers of white molding (that’s molding! i thought it was wallpaper) and the penny tile that spells out “baked. the charleston location has a special “club room” that is a beautiful dark juxtaposition to the lightness of the rest of the space. i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and just finish by saying thanks to everyone at baked charleston and matt and renato for their help! you can click here for additional, and full-sized images of the new shop.


siding? it is? it’s gorgeous. but I don’t really get it — what kind of siding.


yay! going to visit family in charleston this weekend and will definitely stop in to see the new shop!


I will definitely check this out on our next trip to Charleston (luckily my husband grew up in Charleston and in-laws are there). A must try in Charleston is the Hominy Grill.

lisa jackson

wow, it looks awesome. i just made their famous brownies from the cookbook last week and they were seriously so good and got rave reviews from friends.

Seth Forester

I want to have some cake specifically from this place. Maybe lie on the floor looking at the ceiling devouring lemon bars <3


sorry- it’s molding. my bad! i get my terms confused sometimes, my apologies. it’s strips of molding.

Uncle Beefy

I saw Renato & Matt some years ago on tv doing a show about starting a restaurant biz and it profiled them starting Baked. I was inspired then and continue to be by these amazing guys! Couldn’t be happier for their success! It all looks awesome! Congrats! (And, as usual, thanks for sharing with us, Miss Grace!) :)


gorgeous… can’t even imagine how much the molding walls cost. usually runs, minimum, $4 a foot for the plain styles (about 3 inches wide). yikes!


Wow. This is such a great space, the perfect combination of warm, cute, and professional. Makes me want to go to NC just to eat some baked goods!


they have a cookbook out called Baked as well and it was just featured on Good Food as one of the best cookbooks to give as a gift.


That is molding (baseboard and crown molding) you can find at Menards, home depot or many other places and it’s not that pricey. I think it looks awesome being a big fan of old Chicago architecture with grand molding. What a neat trick that was. They must have been smoking some good stuff to come up with that. Good job.


I’m going to Charleston for the holidays, Hopefully, they’ll be open and I can pop in. Looks beautiful and the cakes look deeeeelicious!


WOW! I was just visiting Charleston this past weekend and made it a point to scout out BAKED. They don’t even have store front signage yet, but luckily it was 1/2 block from my hotel. I devoured a malt chocolate cupcake and coffee and took photos of the ‘moulding wall’ too! I’m a graphic designer and foodie from Birmingham, AL. Was so excited to visit BAKED and more excited to see your posting. Their cookbook and its design are just as good as their baked goods!


I just went by there tonight on my way home. Excited to see them come in town and hope that they won’t suffer from the tourist slow down in town.


My husband works for Stumptown and they are an account, I’ve been pining for one of their mugs ever since I saw one laying around the shop. I had a salted brownie from them the other day- it was really tasty.


Oh Oh! Just bought their beautiful cookbook for my mother… and who knew they would open a shop in my neck of the woods!


Thanks so much for this sneak peek! I’m a huge fan of the red velvet cupcakes at the Baked in Redhook…love that the style from the current location will carry over to the new one!



I am so thrilled baked is in Charleston, and what an amazing job they have done with this space!! …though I must say, it is very dangerous that their east bay location is only a short walk from my house, I have absolutely no will power when it comes to baked goods.

Nasilele Holland

The cakes look so yummy. I will have to visit the Red Hook location on my next Ikea trip :)

Beautiful space also! Thanks for sharing!


Baked in Charleston! WOW! We’ve come a long way. As a former long-time New Yorker now living in Charleston for the past 8 years, I’m nothing short of thrilled!!!! Red Hook to Charleston???? I’d love to hear the story of how/why!!!!! Don’t think that we’re not grateful, because we are. But such an interesting “next step” for them.


Haven’t been yet, but with as much time as I spend in Charleston, this is definitely on my list. Thank you for the head’s up.


Go with the Original NYC-Charleston transfer: Sugar located uptown on Cannon Street…Bill & David’s sweets are delish and I love that they moved down from NYC to Charleston to set up shop and chose to be part of the city as locals.


Oh…my. The school where I teach is within walking distance to Baked, and I can’t get over how lovely this bakery is on the inside…and how delicious every single crumb of goodies is.
I love their lemon lime bars. I love that they brew Stumphouse coffee.
I love that the orange legs on the middle table are inside-out.
I love how I’m rambling.
p.s. Sugar (see above comment) is also delicious, and nice to look at…just not a sit-down and enjoy sort of bakery.


Enjoyed my visit to Baked when I went home to SC from NYC… but now they’re closed. SC doesn’t know what they’re missing…