sneak peek: absolute zero degrees


keith stephenson at absolute zero degrees sent over our next sneak peek. without even knowing it, keith is behind some of my favorite graphic design books in the rotovision “communicating with pattern” series. today i’m totally digging his UK-based live work/space. the numeric stools are definitely my favorite, but i love the way that subtle patterns weave their way through the entire space. click here for more images of this amazing space. [thanks, keith!] -anne

noelle Mering

beautiful! i would love to know details on that green paint in the dining room…

Cheryl - Truly Engaging

In the third photo, is that a book shelf on the right? Any idea where I could find something like that? We live in a 620 sq ft condo, and always need space saving ideas for books.


Omigod, what an AMAZINGLY put together space! Everything coordinates beautifully. I am especially in love with the numbered stools — too cute!

I think Keith needs to redecorate my space…

t h a i t r a i t

Um, have I mentioned that my love for wallpaper is constantly renewed when I visit this site?

The shelving is wonderful. Love the green wall so much, too.

keith stephenson

Wow thanks for your comments. That is exactly the bookshelf from DWR – we bought it in the UK via Purves and Purves who sadly no longer exist as a shop. But that is exactly the shelf – it holds a lot and really tidies things up. Don’t forget to check out some of our wallpapers at too.


keith stephenson

oh and btw the stools are cheap IKEA stools that I painted with numbers to co-ordinate with the painted back wall and the small studio kitchen area.


Love the green wall too! your place is fantastic. also love the sofa & chair. any details on those? thanks for sharing!

Helen Dardik

What an amazing space!
I absolutely adore the little collection of ceramic figures (second last picture) and all the wonderful wallpapers.


Any info on the prints on the green wall (what is that paint color, it’s gorgeous) or the pottery (lamp and vase)? Beautiful space!

keith stephenson

the paint is from Sanderson – the shade is Ohio Lt; the sofa and chair are from Habitat and are a reissue of Robin Day’s ‘Forum’. The animals are vintage money boxes from Carltonware – which occasionally turn up on ebay.


i would also love to know what green paint is in the dining room. it’s great!


I love the dining table set, specially the chairs. Where can I find it?


I NEED that living room set! It plays into my love of wood crates and they look so sleek but they look very comfortable. I also love the clock and chair wall papers and the little boxes. You have such unique, beautiful items.


I am so disappointed… I am in love with your couch and chair, Keith. Can’t find those reissued Day pieces anywhere.


Hello ,

This place is simply natural .
The colors are coordinate well .
I really love your place!
I would like to know the brand of the New paper with the chair !
Thanks for the peek … beautiful .

Anne Bryant

What a gorgously understated and peaceful home. I love the calm palette punctuated with lively patterns and fun objects!


Lovely space! Can you tell me who makes the little painted animals in the second to last picture?

keith stephenson

hehehe cold hard and uncomfortable hey? I have to say it did get a huge tidy up before the pics were taken. The space incorporates our business so can’t look too comfortable downstairs in the studio. The wallpaper is ours – the chairs print is called Sitting Comfortably and is available at it is now available in buttercup as well from Stark wallcoverings in the US. Sorry about the sofa greencanary – the Day’s were our (UK) post war ‘Eames’ and didn’t make it as big in the US. The ceramics in the bedroom are 1960’s pieces by an artist called Bernard Rooke – there are often pieces on ebay but from UK sellers. Re stools – sadly Emma number 1 is very wobbly – i prefer 7. thanks for all your comments. Keith

keith stephenson

CRIKEY! So many questions – we made the black lamp – it is soldered tubing painted black. – its hollow so was easy to thread a cable with a bulb on through it.

keith stephenson

cool – ours wasn’t that pricey so it may be that we had an imported one of these. Whichever one you get they are very very handy.



Love your color palette!
Where is that tall book rack in the Dining Room from?


Wow, re: the lamp. You guys are so wonderfully clever! Looks beautiful.


thanks you I discover “absolute zero° ”
I love them
an you!!


CB2 & DWR have something like the tall book tower on the 3rd picture – last time I looked it was around $150-250.00 per shelf.


Love it! Can you tell me where the bed is from? It’s perfect!

keith stephenson

Thank you for all your comments. I hope you manage to find all the things you like about our space. The bed is from IKEA its a Malm – was very reasonable and comes with matching nightstands and drawers. The colour we have is Oak. The only problem with IKEA beds is that they are not standard sizes so you have to buy an IKEA mattress etc. Thanks again for all your comments – its great to have such positive feedback.
Best wishes.


egads, love the sofa so so much. and i may bite the bullet and do some wallpaper after seeing your place! sorry we never got to meet up in NYC keith!


I think the bed is an IKEA Malm bed with the matching Malm nightstands. Is that right?


Aagh, I recognise these – I’ve featured two of those wallpapers on my blog! I have totally lined up the swallow cluster wallpaper for my living room, but in the black and white colourway – although that grey one does look very interesting…


PS What a great idea to number those stools – I totally thought they were something expensive I couldn’t afford. If you don’t mind, what kind of paint did you use? Did you then varnish it?

keith stephenson

hi lynne – we used an eggshell paint – directly on the surface no prep! (i know terrible isn’t it?!) and no varnish – they have lasted for 6 years so we did something right! :) If you do some post a pic on your blog so we can see what you do.



oh man, what’s the name of that clock in the first picture? I LOVE it!