proud mary

by Grace Bonney

i’m completely smitten with the debut collection from brooklyn-based textile design company, proud mary. owners harper and molly recently launched their first collection online featuring handwoven pillows and home decor accessories. all of their work is hand-sewn by artisans in guatemala sourced by nest, a group that helps connect designers with artisans in developing countries (nest also helps ensure fair wages for the artisans). prices at proud mary range from around $125 for larger pillows to $22 for small pouches, so there’s something for everyone (i’m eying that red diamante tote with gold straps- so cute!). click here to check out (and shop) proud mary’s debut collection. [thanks, harper and molly!]

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  • The pillows and bags are beautiful. I actually belong to the Nest-Boston chapter – it’s a fantastic organization, and is continuing to grow rapidly. Thanks to Proud Mary for carrying these products and helping Nest loan recipients to grow and develop both their skills & their spirits!

  • It is such a treat to find fabulous pieces with the bonus of a social consciousness. I clicked through to the site to get a better look at the yellow pattern and am loving it for spring…

  • proud mary makes my heart jump! this is a great business: starting from ground up, pairing great design with gifted hands who have talent & heritage in this artisan craft. love it! go harper and molly!

  • This is the first exposure I’ve had to the proud mary line, but judging by the their first offering, we’ll see much more from these talented designers in the future. It’s my opinion there’s quite a sizeable market out there for their elegant use of classic solids and muted patterns.