new: bubble roome

ok, these are so cool. my love of vintage hardware meets my need for beautiful stocking stuffers with these great soaps from bubble roome. david from bubble roome made these soaps from vintage victorian doorknob molds (that he made himself) and will be expanding his “ornament” collection soon to include pieces cast from crown moldings and claw feet from tables. so cool. this particular set has 3 different door tops and a plastic soap tray molded from a key plate. they come wrapped together in a black box ($26 for the set) with a skeleton key tied to the gift tag. click here to check them out and shop online. [thanks, david!]


I love these! I don’t necessarily have a thing for vintage hardware like you, hehe, but they just make nice patterns. Very lovely.


i LOVE these soaps. they look so elegant and lovely. will make my bathroom look great! i love the bubble roome!


very unique. love them! Also love their opening page with the keyhole and skeleton key!

Joe B

wow, these are amazing! where can i buy them? these are perfect for adult stocking stuffers.


I’m really digging the vintage stuff. I’ve got a crush on skeleton keys right now…I am seeing them everywhere! (maybe it’s going to be next season’s it item?) For any other fans out there…check out West Elm (furnishings) and Urban Outfitters (clothing/accessories) for more key-inspiration!