(mini) sneak peek: wayne pate’s studio

i always love seeing artists’ offices- it’s like getting a private glimpse into where the magic happens. this lovely office belongs to wayne pate of brooklyn-based good shape design. i love how clean and open everything is. it makes me want to buy a big long table to do all of my work on. click here for more information and to shop wayne’s work.

[in my office/studio i try and make my work space feel more like a living space then a space specifically for work. being just a “work space” makes me feel too pressured to create something! i also need tidiness or i feel out of control so i spend a lot of time keeping things put away and clutter free. the office is in the front room on the ground floor of our home which has a feeling of a storefront. i can hear and see every one who walks by, and feel a connection to the passersby.]

[one of my favorite things in my office is my shark teeth collection that is framed and hanging under the clock. the coral on the small desk (above) is another favorite because it’s made of plaster and is very realistic looking up close.]

[the most cherished thing in my office would be my two Alvin Lustig book dustcovers on the bookshelf.]


Beautiful space, having different desks for different parts of design is a really useful way of cleansing the process, stopping the designs from stagnating.

Lucy Gazelle

I really love this sneak peek. I agree that artists’ spaces can be so inspiring. It’s fun to see how the space reflects Wayne’s work. This entry could also be an inspirational case study in the great Oprah-certified book on decluttering, “It’s All Too Much!”. If you want Wayne’s look at home, read this book.


In the fourth picture, I was wondering where I could find for purchase that beige loveseat type chair. I sat in an orange one recently at the Univ. of Valpraiso and damn near fell asleep! It is so comfortable, I have been on the search for one ever since.

Aguja Bruja

Nice spartan desk and drawer stand – where can I get one?
Love your blog


I grew up with bookcases and desk set up just like these in my living room. Unfortunately they were sold with the house… Where and how? I miss them so very much.

wayne pate

Thanks for all the nice comments and thanks to Grace for the great blog.
Desk: is from Modernica
Desk/Shelf Wall Unit: Atlas Industries
Tan Womb Chair: Knoll
Rug: Turkish


Wayne, you’re inspiring alot of ladies!

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to know where you found that lamp in the last photo. It is simply beautiful.


who are these people??

I think I never posted a comment here, but am a huge fan of this blog!
I just wanted to know if you could describe a little the criteria for the sneeak peeks, so I can understand if the ‘decorators’ are superduper decorators or ‘common mortals’ (Portugese expression — is it ok in english?) as the rest of us.

All this because I always love to be a peeker (ahah), and enjoy this virtual tours wich inspired me so much. Even pattern-painted a wall myself!

Thank U


i like this a lot! the space is great–clean without being too sparse, and it’s great to see where an artist works. in this case, it makes the work make a LOT of sense. also like the concept of the “storefront”–a good way to work from home and still feel a part of the world, it sounds.

wayne pate

Thanks again for the kind comments.
The lamp is from one of my favorite stores in all of NYC, Darr on Atlantic Ave
in Brooklyn. The store decor itself is worth going to see. The wooden doll I nicked from my brother, I think it’s from Mexico, a “Day Of The Dead” doll.


I absolutely love the lamp in the last picture. Where oh where can I get one of those?!

Mary Kate

I love the white chairs, they are such a wonderful mix of industrial and “old school.” The simplicity of this space is actually charming, I love the small arrangement of objects on the wall with the clock next to the work table. It inspires me to narrow down my collections to my most precious belongings.


LOVE that desk/bookshelf from Atlas Industries, it’s so warm and inviting. Offices are usually my least favorite spaces because of the desk and computer but this really brings the idea of a living room in. I would love to see an elevation photo of it so we can see how it looks up to the ceiling. It’s quite out of my price range but I think it’s great inspiration for a diy project.


wondering if you could tell me the source for the shelving system in image 5th down from top. thanks.


really cool (everybody seems to have these white metal chairs… i like ‘em a lot)