sneak peek: wonderfactory office

since i work most days from my living room it’s hard to imagine going to work at an office again- but if i did, i definitely wouldn’t complain about going to work at this office. david link, founder and creative director of the wonderfactory (which focuses on branding and website strategy among other services) sent over these gorgeous shots of their new office design (designed by 212box). each room seems to have it’s own unique feel and i love the way they’ve incorporate some whimsical elements like the umbrellas into the decor. it sure beats white walls and cubicles everywhere. click here for more photos of the wonderfactory office, and click here for more on wonderfactory (check out their portfolio and client list, it’s pretty darn impressive). thanks, david!

[stay tuned for the under $100 gift guide at 1:30 pm!]

[this is the entrance to the wonderfactory’s “idea room”]


how perfect! all offices should be this inspiring and colorful – would make going to work a much more pleasant experience


Man I would love to have one of these places for my studio!! Great rooms for getting creative juices flowing!


that idea room entrance reminds me of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

absolutely love it!


I think I would live at the office if I worked there! My favorite has to be the umbrella lights, but I also love the simple touch of giving each desk a unique and antique looking lamp. Maybe I will have to put one on my desk…


I want a room like the one with the floor pillows at home. I would spend all my time there reading and lounging.


WHOA I’m not sure if I’d feel more creative or too distracted in an environment like this, but it sure doesn’t look like any office I’ve ever seen. And I thought my old boss’s tequila bottle collection was different… (Actually he did make his office very fun and yet welcoming.)

Lalla Lydia

Love those umbrellas and that moroccan-ish tea room! I’ve never seen textiles mounted that way on the wall and I really like it.


It seems like Hermes must definitely be an influence for him.
Any one know whether the umbrellas were done in-house or where they bought them? I would love to see a detail shot.

Reba Jonez

please forgive the hateration but– why am i skeptical of a business that has such a suave decor? it’s almost like that person in your office who’s desk is too pristine; you wonder what they do all day and on whose dime? i’m just saying…it really is all very lovely though.

Beth H

how great! I can totally imagine sitting in the Moroccan-inspired room for a brainstorming session!


If only young Brinda kept her living space so neat and tidy! We could start a business together!


*sigh* If I worked here I would have NO trouble getting up in the mornings :)


Must be nice to be a designer and work in such an amazing place, rather than a less than inspirational cubicle

keith stephenson

I love sneak peeks! This office is fantastic – its so refreshing to see offices that are personal and exciting. If only all employers realised that a great environment really makes a difference to how people feel about their work. Most office interiors are either cobbled together from bits of furniture from all over the place or are designed like banks.
Great space.


Where could we get those umbrella lights, or how were they assembled from regular umbrellas? Love them. Grateful for any input!


wow! it looks like 5 different offices! love the eclectic look, very fun, but why such a dowdy conference room table & chairs (in the 2nd photo)?

The Wonderfactory

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments! As for the umbrella lights, we made those from scratch we took white umbrellas and mounted them on the ceiling then threaded a cord across all of the umbrellas with light bulb fixtures — pretty simple, and inspired by Mary Poppins…


The colors play with my imagination which is crucial in Advertising!! My favorite is the red-red room with the chandeliers crying out for attention!! Any possible openings for a fun-loving Mimi who lives in Colorado???


The idea room entrance is great! Very the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!