ice tree at domison

the winterns and i are off to the city today to check out the holiday shop windows in manhattan. so i thought i’d post this beautiful “ice tree” made of bottles from the shop domison in montreal. they created this conceptual window for the holiday season using clear glass bottles decorated with ginko leaves. such a fun idea.

Anne A Wong

This is awesome!!! So much better than a real tree…. and cat-proof!


Reminds me of a display in the Philadelphia Anthropologie store a few years back–they used plastic water bottles filled to different levels and closed with corks, then tied to strings and hung in the windows in thick layers. They also hung flourescent lightbulbs mixed in with them so the light shone through the water. Clever idea, I’ve thought of doing something like it in my bathroom.

Constance Semler

This shop is just a few blocks from my loft! But the Bottle Curtain art installation by Neri Ward some years ago was even cooler, with discarded empty bottles in different colors. The only image I could find was on flicker. Just a curtain, though, not a tree…