d*s 2008 holiday video

today i’m back in virginia and ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. for the last post of the year we decided to shoot a holiday video at my house with the winterns, des and sam. as we all head home for the winter break, i thought it would be fun to share some great last minute cooking and crafting ideas so i hope you’ll enjoy the finger knitting project (crochet chains for your tree) with des and the chocolate bark recipe. it’s one of my favorite winter treats to make. thanks to des, sam and jimmy for their video help!

i’m signing off until the new year and will be back with regular posts on monday, january 5th. i’m gearing up for some exciting new d*s projects in 2009 so i’m going to use next week to prepare and get all of my ducks in a row. so until then, best wishes for a happy holiday and a wonderful new year! i’ll see you in 2009…

Rona Chang

I will pack a ball or two of yarn with me to make this over the holiday weekend. Can’t wait. Thank you all and happy holidays!

Melissa Allam

That was very cute. And great to meet the interns. Thank you for sharing some last minute cooking and crafts with us. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year to Design Sponge!

Victory B.

Mmmmmm bark! I tried my hand at our traditional christmas toffee last night, but it wasn’t so successful. Maybe my tradition will involve that bark!


What a cute video Grace & the Winterns! I will have to try both of these for next year! Thanks so much for all you do and have a wonderful & creative holiday & new year!


Love that garland! An easier way to make the candy cane pieces (and relieve some holiday stress in the process) is to put them in a ziploc bag and break them up with a meat tenderizer.

Soul Cookbook

Congratulations on a great video and a great year! Your winterns are adorable. Def. will be trying the holiday bark while wrapping gifts.


We used to do finger weaving at summer camp, I totally forgot about it until now! My childhood bestfriend had a large Pee-wee Herman-esque ball in her closet from our entire summer of weaving work. Now I’m wonder if she still has it? hmm. Awesome video; i’m totally make the bark tonight :D

Merry Merry!


chocolate bark is one of the yummiest things to make for christmas time, and pretty easy, too! happy holidays!


Merry Christmas! Thank you so much Grace for a really truly lovely blog – can’t wait to come back for more reading fun in the New Year!

jessica ann

Love the finger-weaving garlands. Such a simple way to make dvd watching over the holiday season productive. And such a wonderful way to use the ends of your skeins of yarn!

Uncle Beefy

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for a stupendous year of fun and inspiration, Grace and Co.! Best wishes to you all! :)


hey I am a big fan of Designsponge and somehow never knew you where from VA! Well I live in Richmond and didn’t know what area you were in.


I totally did the finger weaving with my Grandma on Christmas! She loved how simple it was, being a pretty talented knitter herself. Thank you for posting this. It gave me a wonderful Christmas memory with my Gram, which is priceless.


Awesome video! I want to get some yarn and try the finger knitting out with some friends!


Happy New Year for all…I have a great couple of friends in Richmond VA. And be sure that you from Design Sponge have fans in Brazil…keep going with these good place of design! =))


Great little video. Will definitely try both. Esp. can’t wait to help two ppl in particular who struggled with knitting w/needles…somehow, I think this will be a great help w/that process. Happy holidays to all.


Aw, the knit garland is such a fantastic idea! I wish I had winterns as well. Happy holidays + New Year to all.


Des you are the cutest gal alive!! What an adorable idea to use finger knitting as little garlands! Hope you all are having a great holiday break and have a fab New Years! xx


that finger weaving was a true blast from elementary school- i had totally forgotten about it! thanks for the fun reminder!


Congratulations on being featured in ‘realliving’ magazine! I am looking forward to reading your blog in the future. It has been added to my favourite blogs on Driftwood & Chandelier. Happy New Year!



ha! another good use for my 8 year old’s miles of finger knits. we exhausted the use of them for skinny scarfs and headbands. i almost died laughing when i saw what you guys were doing since i so associate it with the 8 year old set.


Old school crafts and cooking – love it! Have a Happy New Year. Well done interns.


A tip on crushing the candy canes:

Dtick the canes in a ziplock bag (or something to the equivalent) then take a meat tenderizing mallet -or a hammer, and crush the candy canes inside the bag. This will help keep the mess down.

Love the video btw :)