diy wednesdays: terrarium party favors

we came across a bunch of these globe vases at our local thrift store the other day and thought they would make great little terrariums to hand out to guests at our next shindig, the personalized labels were a cinch to make using colorful popsicle sticks and a set of alphabet stamps. click here for the full project and instructions or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
derek & lauren

[ps: the second episode of design by the book is next!]

here’s what you’ll need:
-small round glass vases, similar to the ones found here
-marbles or tumbled glass
-selection of small succulents
-wood popsicle sticks
-alphabet stamps (you can find these on, too)
-stamp pad

1. wash the vases and add a layer of marbles or tumbled glass in the bottom.
2. take the plants out of their pots, loosen the roots and insert into your vases, adding more dirt if necessary.

3. personalize your popsicle sticks using rubber stamps or a marker.

4. water plants thoroughly and insert 1 name tag stick into each terrarium.


I love terrariums and these small versions are adorable. Especially with succulants!


Omigosh, this is so cute! How on earth do you guys think up these great ideas? I wish my brain worked like that…


I totally agree Shashi, I would love nothing more than to have these as place cards, and as a guest I would be thrilled to get it on the way out the door! Wonderful idea.


Lauren and Derek …
You always turn it out. And no matter the project, it always looks like you! CUTE!


We would recommend a vase that is about 4″-5″ tall, but any size would look beautiful! You could put a whole collection of plants in an old fishbowl for a larger terrarium.

We found our succulents at a great store in our neighborhood called Paxton Gate. ( You should be able to find similar plants at your local nursery.


I love this idea, but won’t these plants out grow these bowls really quickly?


We used these for our wedding centerpieces, guests got to take them home. Very fun. If you pick succulents they grow very slowly.

Ariane Phillips

I made these mini terrariums for friends this Christmas… wanted to pass on my thanks for posting such great ideas! All my friends loved them.


Wow, these are wonderful, both the idea and the link for the rad font stamps! I’m moving to a south-facing apartment in less than a month, so this will be the second thing I make there (first is dinner)!

For people who want to learn about succulents (desert plants and wood grain are my weak spots), a good place for info is I’ve never ordered from them, but they’ve got good info on what light things need.

Tara Behrmann

I made these as Thank you gifts for an event I am planning! They were so easy and pretty inexpensive! And a huge hit! I found the glass bowls at my local JoAnn Fabric store and plants at Home Depot! Thank you so much for posting such a cute craft!