diy project: operation hot glitter

my fabulous wintern intern sam is probably going to kill me for using that title above, but if you’re a fan of arrested development like we are, hopefully you’ll appreciate the reference. if you don’t, click here and skip to 12:38.

last week the the winterns and i headed into manhattan to photograph great nyc holiday windows. though we were stifled a bit by tundra-like conditions, we found several store displays and windows that inspired a series of easy, diy projects i’ll be posting this week and next. today i’m kicking things off with a series of glittery ornaments that sam made, inspired by gorgeous glitter ornaments we saw at hable construction (above and below). we were so smitten with the hable versions that we thought perhaps you could try something similar with inexpensive craft supplies. [if you would like to buy these lovely ornaments at hable you can do so by calling hable at 212-989-2375, the glitter balls are $6 and the bird and butterfly are $14]

so sam went to her local michael’s to pick up a few key supplies and created some really lovely ornaments for our d*s holiday tree. you can click here to read sam’s full instructions and see more images below. thanks to sam for her hard work and thanks to hable construction’s perry street shop for always inspiring us to make (and buy) pretty things.

Diy Glitter Decorations

Last week Grace, Des and I perused the city in search of craft ideas from some of the stores’ beautiful window displays. While checking out Hable Construction in the Village, we were inspired by their glitter birds, which were decorating their Christmas tree. This project is pretty much the simplest craft you can do and it turns out looking really beautiful!

-glitter (lots of glitter, any colors you like)
-foam balls, foam bird frames, or fake butterflies (pretty much anything you feel like covering with glitter)
-wooden dowels
-spray glue
-newspaper or tablecloth (trust me, it will get messy)


1. First spray the entire ball, or whatever you choose to decorate, with a layer of glue. Try sticking the dowel into the ball before spraying it or you’ll get glue and glitter all over your hands, seriously. And always spray over a plastic bag or cardboard box- the spray glue will stick to floors, etc.

2. Second, cover the object with the glitter.

3. You can use either zip lock bag to contain the glitter or you could try pouring the glitter directly on the object, or into a tray (a shoebox lid is perfect). Either way, make sure you create a thick layer of glitter so you can’t see through to the foam. If necessary, let dry and spray again and re-dip in glitter.

4. Then let the object dry. When it’s dry you can clip it to your Christmas tree and allow everyone to admire your craftiness.

Happy holidays! – Samantha

Uncle Beefy

Yes…I will publicly admit my love…er, um, “adoration” of glitter. I call it “ground up happiness”. But my most favoritest quote I’ve heard thus far on the topic of this shimmering substance has been by Mr. Bluehaunt who said… “If there ain’t glitter- it ain’t done!” True dat! Holla!


Haha, LOVE that show! Beautiful project, gotta love anything that sparkles.

FYI, I had a really hard time getting to this How-To, and a few others. I think the links on your site are a bit mixed up.


Oh, Uncle Beefy. Holla! I’m feelin’ the glitter! I loves me some glitter!!!
I feel inspired to glitter something right now!!!!!


I appreciate the AD reference very much. Family love Michael! Reader love glitter bird!


Also used in Motherboy XXX!

(I was so hoping it would be an AD reference before I scrolled down. Next time I vote for “I just blue myself.”)


I love glitter as well, I also love the glitter that is white and looks similar to snow flacks, you can do some great things with that stuff too!


thanks for coming by Grace! sorry i missed you…we love anything glittery! in fact i am going to put some glitter on ME to do some holiday shipping!!!



my other favorite:

lucille: “you call him nellie too? it’s so great to be able to talk like this!”


you and Martha had the same idea! did you see her glitter-ing birds and branches and plastic animals on the today show? it was fab.


I love the line by Demitri Martin:

Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.

makes me feel like such a tramp.


Lovely idea… glad I found it. Think I’ll be making some of these for decorating up my classroom for Christmas! Gold and glitter… the best!