diy idea: trader joe’s gift tags

yesterday we filmed the third segment of design by the book so i missed a few diy emails that i should have posted yesterday. this fun project comes from katie at ink & post and is all about my favorite type of crafting: reusing materials around the house. if you’re like katie and me and enjoy picking up snacks at trader joe’s, you may have a paper holiday bag or two around the house. katie decided to take advantage of the cute patterns on their holiday bags and create these great gift tags. nothing like making use of the things that you already have around the house. click here for the full instructions.

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What a great idea! I was just looking at a Trader Joe’s bag the other day admiring the beautiful lettering. Now I’ve got something better to do with it than use it as a recycling bag!


Oh, that is a cool idea! Too bad I don’t have a Trader Joe’s… I’ll keep my eye out for other similar things to adapt, though!


Hilarious! I was just telling my boyfriend that I should use one of these bags for gift wrap. Great DIYers think alike!


I saw this earlier and decided to give it a try. I ended up taking plain, solid colored cards I had laying around and collaged the images to make holiday greeting cards. They turned out really cute. Great for a budget and being ‘green’!

Jen O

I used this idea for all of our gift tags–the response was great! (“what did you use for these?”)
It was the perfect idea for those of us in Trader’s home town!