2009 feather calendars

last year i picked up one the wild unknown’s calendars as a little gift to myself- and there hasn’t been a day since jan 1, 2008 that i haven’t smiled when i walked past it. kim’s work is painfully beautiful and thoughtful and each illustration and message is a wonderful way to welcome a new month. this year kim is offering a new 2009 calendar with feathers as the theme. i hate to let go of my rabbit calendar but i think these drawings just might convince me to do it. if you’re looking for a calendar that is truly unique, hand-drawn calendar look no further than this one- kim’s 2009 feather calendar is only $30 and makes a great budget-friendly gift for family or friends (or you). click here to pick up the feather or hawks & bunnies calendar. [thanks, kim!]


So lovely! You said you hated to let your old one go, and I would, too. You could add a snapshot or two from each month on the back, then tie the calendar pages together at the end of the year with some twine or ribbon.


Remember, calendars are recyclable since there are only 14 possible date combinations. You will have to wait ’til 2036 to reuse a 2008 calendar, but a 2009 can be reused in 2015.

julie Goodson

i would like the feathers calendar…how do I get this? making more? please say yes!


Just saw this and bought the 2010 feather calendar immediately–gorgeous! Thank you! I’m sure I’ll be keeping the illustrations long after 2010 is over.