2008 gift guides: despina’s picks

[today’s second gift guide comes from d*s winter intern, despina. despina and sam were kind enough to share some of their holiday wish list picks today. click here to check out sam’s list. thanks to des and sam for their hard work!]

this holiday, i’m all about clean lines and bold colors! the conceal bookshelf is top on my list of of cool little gadgets, while the memo glass brings me back to a time when lower case letters were forbidden to breach the middle dotted line. the blik decals and girl glass rub ons let me sit in the designer’s seat and take control over my glassware and wall space. the moma store has great modern options for gift giving, but also make sure you scour etsy for amazing handmade items, quite possibly at a more affordable price! happy shopping! -despina

[image above, clockwise from top left: Deer Dishtowel $18, Warm Wishes Stationery $12, Riki Design Clock $120, Vers Wood iPod Speaker Dock $179.99 , Loop Candelabra $28, Memo Dotted Line Glass $5, Conceal Bookshelf $15, Bubbled Glass Doorknob $32]

[image above, clockwise from top left: Girl Glass Rub Ons $5 , Modern Giraffe Fabric $8.95/half yard, I <3 My Bike Bell $8, Coat Rack $68, Boy in the Woods by Blik $40]

[image above, clockwise from top left: Posters of the Cold War by David Crowley $30, Little Otsu Annual Vol. 3 Weekly Planner $18 ]


Whoa, the conceal bookshelf is TIGHT! (Sorry, that was the best word for it.) I’d love to have those in a little study/workroom. Hehe, freak people out.

The memo glass is also cool, but mostly because of your explanation. I really liked the thought you put into these choices!

Erin @ dessert girl

I’m loving these glass stickies from today and yesterday! What an easy way to spice up a boring glass! Although, I wonder what happens when you wash them…


the giraffe fabric is adorable!

posters of the cold war…love the images and what they reveal about that era.


Thanks a million for featuring my rub ons!!!! I am happy, they’ve been sold too much!!!!!


oh Erin! I am answering your question now: I washed them just twice and the girls are there… I don’t think they will be there forever you know, may be they will be safe in a dry glass (like a window) or wood, paper, etc.


thanks peter- it’s a custom template designed by also design. we drop wordpress into the center column.



I have magically discovered this site and am in instant love! WOW! Alos, anything from Yaelfran is a winner in my book..those girlie rub-ons are as cute as the seller of them!