2008 gift guide: under $100 (patterns)

every day this week i’ll be posting at least one gift guide in the afternoon. i’ve got budget guides coming up, ac’s guide for guys, a few guides from our winter interns and another special guide or two i’ll be finishing this week. today i wanted to kick things off with my budget-friendly under $100 guide i created for domino. it just launched and features 20 great products all with “pattern” as the theme. click here to check them out and find sourcing for everything pictured above and below. tomorrow i’ll continue with more budget-themed guides…

ps: if you’re interested in more gift guides today, domino has 5 more budget-conscious guides up right here.


Love the fabric bucket – it’s so cute! :) The calendar is really cool too. I’m all about bold patterns as of late – so I’d be happy to receive all of this! Great finds.


Those coin purses are adorable! But am I the only one who finds no use for them…?? I hate carrying extra separate bags for change.



the chair is a vintage piece that belongs to lena corwin- that’s her pillow on top that i referenced in the guide.



i am obsessed with the classic books in your domino column, and i must have them for my bookshelf. i wonder if shipping from england would be super expensive…


Amazing gift ideas. And each of them is so cute. Fabric calender is a very good idea. I am planning to make one for my room.